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Key reading

House of branding

Fundamentals, innovation and collaboration: Nestlé's three pillars of digital success

How the food manufacturer is seeking to become a leading brand in the digital and social media space. Steps taken include embracing brand building fundamentals, focusing on innovation, partnerships and collaboration. The paper also discusses Nestlé's "brand-building house".
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How Mars used marketing science to grow its brands

Using Ehrenberg's marketing laws, Mars has discovered how both creativity and science can work together.

We are what we eat

Results of a global Nielsen analysis focusing on global body image and healthy eating trends.

TV ads and McDonald's sales

How the restaurant giant used fast food data to link advertising quality and sales growth.

Food company profiles

Euromonitor data and analysis on the sector's major companies.

Latest case studies

Autodrop: How GIFvertising disrupted TV and put Autodrop back on the map

This case study describes how Dutch licorice brand Autodrop increased sales in spite of comparatively low advertising spend.

Prince: Princeland

This case demonstrates how Prince, a heritage biscuit brand from France and Belgium, reinvented itself for young prospective consumers whilst maintaining its appeal to the children's mothers.

Magnum: Celebrating 25 years of pleasure

This case study demonstrates how Magnum, the ice cream brand, reignited interest in its 'Classic' product to grow sales across Europe.

Twix Bites and #TBT: Putting (media) money where the message is

This case study illustrates how Twix, the confectionery brand, recaptured the US market by turning a business problem into the perfect communications solution.

Latest articles

The Danone Activation Studio: Turning consumer insights into company-wide memes

This paper discusses a project from Danone that aimed to share insights with people in a faster way, and ultimately increase the ROI of its insights.

The new rules of marketing, according to Mars

This event report outlines how Mars, manufacturer of confectionery, pet food and other food products, is taking a four-pronged approach to evolving its core brands to keep them relevant and overcome consumer indifference.

The new sushi? Using behavioural economics to identify the next big food trend

This article discusses how marketers can employ behavioural economics thinking in the context of a live experiment that encouraged people to eat crickets.

Connecting infant brands to China's mothers: A WeChat content analysis

This report examines Chinese mothers' attitudes towards infant nutrition and demonstrates how brands can communicate with these mothers on social media, based on data from WeChat, the messaging app.

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