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Key reading

Jar economics

Financial services and behavioural economics: 21st century jam jar banking

How behavioural economics is helping financial services brands rebuild the trust they lost in the global financial crisis. Steps that brands are taking include current accounts that don't provide overdrafts and online forecasting with automatic feedback to customers about their finances.
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The emotional secrets of spending

MasterCard research uncovering the often overlooked emotional elements of making online payments.

Mythbuster: Are financial brand purchases more rational?

Les Binet and Sarah Carter discuss rational prompts in 'low interest' categories such as financial services.

The changing financial services customer

Event report from UBS showing how financial needs change as we move into different lifestages.

Financial Services company profiles

Euromonitor data and analysis on the sector's major companies.

Latest case studies

Hello bank! Hello play!

This case study describes how Hello Bank!, BNP Paribas' mobile banking solution, launched a crowd sponsoring platform dedicated to music in France.

Sanlam Financial Services: The One Rand Man: Connecting South Africans with their money, one rand at a time

This case study describes how Sanlam Financial Services, one of the largest financial services groups in South Africa, successfully created awareness around the importance of saving with the help of a video.

Bank of New Zealand: $hred

This case study describes how Bank of New Zealand, one of New Zealand's biggest banks, re-imagined debt in an innovative way, which contributed to its growth.

Allstate: #SendBadLuck

This case study describes how Allstate Insurance, one of the largest US insurers, increased brand affinity and sales by creating a meaningful social experience during the 2014 World Cup.

Latest articles

Radical personalisation and visual messaging: the future of digital marketing

This event report considers the consumer-centric practices of new brands and research, asking how 'radical personalisation' works, and what it does for brands.

Singapore, Hong Kong millennials do financial services differently

This article explores behavioural research on how millennials in Singapore and Hong Kong engage with financial services products.

Banking on data: How Barclays tailors services to individuals in Africa

This event report explains how Barclays, the bank, has used data in three different ways to improve its sales ad customer service in South Africa.

Stakeholder preference and stated vs derived importance satisfaction research

This paper presents a case study that reveals how stakeholders in the research process, by recommending specific data collection and analytical techniques, exert significant ‘hidden’ influence on the decisions made on the basis of market research findings.

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