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Key reading

Jar economics

Financial services and behavioural economics: 21st century jam jar banking

How behavioural economics is helping financial services brands rebuild the trust they lost in the global financial crisis. Steps that brands are taking include current accounts that don't provide overdrafts and online forecasting with automatic feedback to customers about their finances.
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The emotional secrets of spending

MasterCard research uncovering the often overlooked emotional elements of making online payments.

Mythbuster: Are financial brand purchases more rational?

Les Binet and Sarah Carter discuss rational prompts in 'low interest' categories such as financial services.

The changing financial services customer

Event report from UBS showing how financial needs change as we move into different lifestages.

Financial Services company profiles

Euromonitor data and analysis on the sector's major companies.

Latest case studies

Transforming Leeds Building Society

This case study explores how design was used to refresh the branding of Leeds Building Society in order to attract new customers and help the company expand from its regional base.

SisalPay: GoBeyond - the fast lane for Italian ideas

This case study explains how SisalPay, Italy's leading payments and service provider, put together a campaign to 'GiveBack' and bring positivity to the country despite an economic crisis.

ING Bank: How puppets shook up savings in the Czech Republic

This case study describes how ING Bank overcame lack of differentiation and poor interest rates for its ING Konto savings account in the Czech Republic.

Charles Schwab: The Schwab guide to moving on

This case study describes how the brokerage firm Charles Schwab attracted more affluent investors by encouraging them to challenge the status quo and investigate their decision-making process.

Latest articles

Stakeholder preference and stated vs derived importance satisfaction research

This paper presents a case study that reveals how stakeholders in the research process, by recommending specific data collection and analytical techniques, exert significant ‘hidden’ influence on the decisions made on the basis of market research findings.

Forecasting financial products acquisition via dynamic segmentation: an application to the Italian market

The topic of market segmentation is still one of the most pervasive in marketing.

A priceless strategy for growth - and why MasterCard is no longer 'the best way to pay'

This event report considers how financial services brand MasterCard is repositioning itself as a lifestyle brand rather than a simple payments brand.

Western Union lives a multicultural American Dream

This event report details the success of the "American Dream" campaign run by Western Union, the money-transfer service.

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