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Key reading

Car buying

Researching the full purchase funnel: How cars really get bought

This article explains that the car-buying purchase funnel used by many marketers is flawed. It draws on a study which followed people through the entire car-buying process, tracking the effects of ads and test drives, along with the importance of word-of-mouth and online research.

Who is the typical car buyer?

Four consumer profiles for people buying cars based on different mixes of research and buying patterns.
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How automotive ads work

Andy Nairn explores the success of automotive ads by analysing a range of winning IPA case studies.

Driving digital success

Seven key digital themes in the automotive industry, including the recent rise of the 'connected car'.

Car brands: The road to riches fuelled by brand power

Why financial success for car brands depends on being meaningful, different and salient.

Latest case studies

Nissan innovation station, at London's O2

This case study explains how Nissan, the automotive brand, enhanced the experience of its 363-day-a-year visitor centre in London's O2 arena to showcase the brand and increase awareness.

Mercedes-Benz: #FormulaTweet

This case study demonstrates how Mercedes-Benz, the automotive maker, launched a new Twitter account to communicate directly with its fans in Italy.

smart: smart web series

This case study demonstrates how Mercedes-Benz, the automotive maker, promoted the launch of its Smart Fortwo and Smart Forfour marques in Italy.

KIA After Sales: Winter check-up

This case study demonstrates how KIA Motors, the automotive maker, grew rates for car check-ups in Italy.

Latest articles

Changing gear: How BMW is staking its claim to the luxury end of the car market

This event report looks at how automaker BMW is shifting its marketing emphasis away from its engineering prowess to include the benefits and fun of the technology it now incorporates in its cars.

Do Price Promotions Help or Hurt Premium-Product Brands? The Impact of Different Price-Promotion Types on Sales and Brand Perception

Although various types of price promotion are used to increase sales, they negatively may affect consumers' perceptions of a premium-product brand.

Beyond Out of Home: Investigating the specific priming impacts of television and digital OOH

This paper argues that premium digital out-of-home media has a valuable 'priming' capability that makes people more receptive to other ad formats.

Why emotion now drives Honda's advertising strategy

This event report addresses how Honda, the automaker, is using emotional advertising as a differentiator in a highly competitive category.

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