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Key reading


Best practice on alcohol pricing

This Best Practice paper outlines five tactics that marketers of alcoholic drinks can employ to differentiate themselves in market and achieve a premium price positioning. Tips include the use of trendy ingredients, celebrity endorsement and stylish packaging.
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How drinks marketers are responding to social and lifestyle changes

This article describes innovative ways in which drinks marketers are responding to a declining pub industry in the UK.

Heineken USA's mobile marketing mandate

Insights on the use of digital and in particular the value of mobile for the alcoholic drinks sector.

Smirnoff redefines the idea of engagement

How a major vodka brand engages millennial consumers with clever use of digital touchpoints.

Alcoholic Drinks company profiles

Euromonitor data and analysis on the sector's major companies.

Latest case studies

Guinness Global: Embracing iteration

This case study explains the strategic process Guinness, the beer brand, went through in the development of its global brand platform, Made of More.

Chivas Regal: How a whisky brought chivalry to the world of business

This case study details how Chivas Regal, Pernod Ricard's premium whisky brand, engaged a younger demographic with a global competition for funding socially-conscious business start-ups.

Pimm's: A Pukka Problem

This case study shows how Pimm's managed to change its established reputation as a British summer drink by encouraging people to drink it with curry.

Royal Challenge: Live Bold restaging

This case study demonstrates how Royal Challenge, the whisky brand, realigned its brand message with a changing India to grow awareness and consumption.

Latest articles

New frontiers in qualitative research: How to practically apply new learning from across the behavioural sciences to enhance and invigorate qualitative research

This paper explores how learning from neuroscience, experimental psychology and behavioural economics can be used to invigorate established qualitative research methods and pioneer new approaches.

How an Ogilvy strategist reimagined Pimm's

This event report demonstrates how new strategic thinking from an agency planner led to the development of a brand extension for Pimm's, the gin-based drink owned by Diageo.

Contextual actions speak louder than words: The impact of context on liking of beer using behavioral and implicit measures

This paper uses a research case study of Heineken beer to demonstrate that sensory product testing is best done in a naturalistic setting using implicit behavioural measures.

Packaging the Johnnie Walker Collection

This article discusses Diageo's campaign for the JW Collection, made up of four miniature whisky bottles, which employed premium contemporary packaging to increase desire and devise sales.

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