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Key reading

Build loyalty

Build brands and build loyalty

Giles Hedger argues that, instead of addressing 'brand loyalty' as a separate marketing objective, loyalty should be considered the natural consequence of good brand building. The paper also discusses the two types of loyalty – that based on unalterable facts, and that based on personal choice.
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How to foster brand loyalty effectively

Brand loyalty is a commonly-used marketing term which is not precisely defined or understood.

Why loyalty is not the Holy Grail

Byron Sharp and Kate Newstead on what marketers are getting wrong about loyalty.

Customer relationship management

Ten CRM issues that need to be tackled by marketers, from data integration to customer centricity.

Loyalty: It's not just in the cards

Practical advice for developing loyalty programs, with examples from Safeway, Koreger and Dunkin' Brands.

Latest case studies

Kenco: Coffee Vs. Gangs

This case shows how Kenco, the coffee brand, re-established its 'green' credentials in the UK and Ireland by demonstrating to the consumer that its investment in coffee growers produces positive results.

KappAhl: Life & Style all mobile loyalty club

This case study explains how KappAhl, a fashion brand, developed a mobile loyalty program.

Nescafe: Face to friends

This case study describes how Nescafe set out to halt the brand's decline since 2000 and increase its appeal to a younger generation of 20-35 year olds.

Castrol CRB+: Drive On

This case study describes how Castrol, the market leading lubricant brand in Vietnam, had to fight against the rise of low-cost brands entering the market.

Latest articles

A priceless strategy for growth - and why MasterCard is no longer 'the best way to pay'

This event report considers how financial services brand MasterCard is repositioning itself as a lifestyle brand rather than a simple payments brand.

Insights 2020: Driving customer centric growth - A practical roadmap to true customer centric growth and the pivotal role that insights and analytics can play

This paper examines customer centricity – providing positive customer experiences in order to maximise the firm's long-term financial value – and explains how companies can become customer-centric.

Rewarding the retail customer while generating extra revenue: A perfect example of how market research methodologies can give big data a boost for optimum usage

This paper demonstrates how Carrefour, the supermarket chain, combined market research principles with big data to improve ROI from its loyalty programme in Belgium.

Maximise customer lifetime value

This article argues that brands should use customer intelligence and relationship management to implement a retention strategy focused on boosting their customer lifetime value (CLV).

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