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United Kingdom

Key reading


UK 2015: Fragility, hyper-connectivity and me

This article sets out some of the longer term trends and challenges in the UK which together, it argues, are creating a feeling of insecurity amongst consumers. It argues that, in the UK, insecurity and anxiety is caused by inflation, government welfare reform and a changing labour market.

How political parties used ads in the 2015 election

Political parties used ads to their advantage in the General Election, showing that the political ad is alive.

International Ad Forecast

Predicted advertising expenditure across 12 key markets, including the UK, for the next two years.

APG Creative Strategy Awards

The APG is the longest-established organisation for account planners and other marketing strategists.

IPA Effectiveness Awards 2014

The IPA recognises campaigns that provide clear proof of their effectiveness in one of the industry's most rigorous competitions.

Latest case studies

Shell Lego: Created by Us, built by You

This case study shows how Shell V-Power, a global premium fuel brand, increased market penetration and consumer preference by offering exclusive LEGO Ferrari model sets with fuel purchase.

Febreze Roadtrip

This case study shows how Febreze, the air freshener brand, successfully re-launched and repositioned its car freshener solution in the UK and Ireland by finding a more sustainable reason for purchase that would support the business in the long term.

Kenco: Coffee Vs. Gangs

This case shows how Kenco, the coffee brand, re-established its 'green' credentials in the UK and Ireland by demonstrating to the consumer that its investment in coffee growers produces positive results.

Fairy Liquid: The longer lasting brand legend

This case study demonstrates how Fairy washing-up liquid reconnected people in Spain and the UK emotionally with the brand as well as reassured them that Fairy was worth paying more for.

Latest articles

Measuring the efficiency of community engagement: an ecological analogy

Evaluation of community engagement has historically avoided or ignored the question of the efficiency of the processes used.

Too much genius not enough wisdom: It's all becoming qualitative nowadays

This paper explains how qualitative research has become a methodological asset that allows a better understanding of customer engagement, how it is evolving and how it can be applied to increase growth.

The future fan: Exploring the evolution of music fandom and what it means to brands and the media

This paper examines the world of fandom, its evolution, drivers and future direction, using Twitter as the baseline platform and outlining a social media usage strategy that can serve the music industry.

Thirsty work: Collaborating towards metacognition in the cold beverage path to purchase

This paper examines a research project focused on building a body of research that shows what impact the in-store experience in eateries has on beverage choice in order to empower companies to drive sales more effectively.

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