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Key reading

South East Asian

Breakthrough innovation regional report: South East Asia

This article summarises research from Nielsen on innovation successes in the region. Lessons learnt from the project include that organisations can perform much better when they are focused more on consumer needs rather than on driving production scale.

Most innovative brands in Singapore

Top innovations in Singapore, according to age group variations and perceptions of local brands.
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The emergence of "I" in Indonesia

Understanding Indonesia's slow move from a collective and conformist to a more individualist society.

Hijabin Indonesian women & beauty

Exploring the untapped branding opportunity for cosmetics brands in South East Asia.

The Warc Prize for Asian Strategy

Asia's leading competition recognising great strategic thinking in marketing.

Latest case studies

Johnnie Walker: Glass Car - Join the pact

This case study describes how Johnnie Walker, a Scotch whiskey label, stayed true to its brand values and led the category by amplifying responsible drinking into a global platform of behaviour change.

Unilever: Comfort SofTest

This case study demonstrates how Comfort Pure, Unilever's global fabric conditioner brand, used digital disruption to attract young Vietnamese mothers, break revenue stagnation and get the brand back into growth within a year.

McDonald's: McTollbooth

This case study shows how McDonald's, a fast food chain restaurant, radically boosted its likeability rating with an experiential campaign in the Philippines.

Land Rover Philippines: The test drive billboard

This case study shows how Land Rover, a car brand, created an activation campaign based around an interactive billboard.

Latest articles

Singapore, Hong Kong millennials do financial services differently

This article explores behavioural research on how millennials in Singapore and Hong Kong engage with financial services products.

A new era in building great brands for Indonesia: Unlocking the power of your brand to drive growth

This article looks at how rapid change in Indonesia is having major implications for brands, and establishes three key 'weapons' that can accelerate growth.

Velocity 12 Markets: Reshaping the world view of middle-class growth

This research by Ogilvy and Mather investigates the opportunities and challenges for brands in 12 developing markets.

Brands and social purpose: Engaging Singapore's millennials

The article outlines how brands can engage Singaporean millennials with social purpose campaigns, advises on how to uncover a brand’s social purpose and examines three case studies of successful social purpose campaigns in the city-state.

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