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Key reading

Latin American

From bottom-of-pyramid to emerging middle classes in Latin America

This paper examines the purchasing habits and priorities of low-income consumers in Latin America. It argues that, when building brand awareness in Latin America, brands should consider the importance of word of mouth recommendation and tailoring products to the local market.

Brazilianhood: A NewGen selfie

This paper investigates the social identities and preferences of Brazil's ascending middle class.

Coca-Cola's road to Rio 2016

How Coca-Cola's sponsorship of the Olympics has evolved over the years to the 2016 Games in Brazil.
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International Ad Forecast

Predicted advertising expenditure across 12 key markets, including Brazil, for the next two years.

Latest case studies

Coffee Mate: The white side of Coffee Mate

This case study describes how Coffee Mate, a coffee creamer brand, faced stiff market competition from liquid milk, but by using a coffee truck to put its product into the hands of its target market in Mexico it was able to increase its household penetration and rate of purchase beyond expectation.

Mountain Dew: Dew Bottle Tool

This case study describes how Mountain Dew, a soft drink brand, turned its bottle caps into skateboard tools to reconnect with its skater audience in Colombia.

Seda: Natural recharge

This case study describes how Seda, a hair care brand, exchanged empty packaging for mobile phone credit, to gain consumer loyalty and preference in Brazil.

MASP Museum: Losers' Free Pass

This case study explains how São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP) explored the opportunity to turn soccer fans into art fans during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Latest articles

Global Ad Trends 2015

This report summarises the data stored in Warc's Adspend Database, which tracks advertising expenditure for eight media in 90 individual markets back to 1980.

Adstats: Household products adspend

This brief article rounds up some statistics regarding household products adspend.

How to Capture Consumer Experiences: A Context-Specific Approach To Measuring Engagement - Predicting Consumer Behavior Across Qualitatively Different Experiences

Although academics and practitioners have embraced customer engagement as a major objective of marketing, the conceptualization and measurement of engagement is challenging.

Bradesco's mobile play changes consumer habits in Brazil

This event report shows how Bradesco, the Brazilian bank, allied with mobile networks such as Telefónica to introduce a "sponsored data" program that give customers free access to its app and mobile website.

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