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Key reading

How to turn shoppers into buyers: A lesson from Italy

This article argues that, as ad media channels fragment, retail point-of-sale is arguably the universal meeting point in which the crucial act of relating with the brand, switching from interest into involvement and, ultimately, buying takes place. It uses a case study example from Carrefour in Italy.

International Ad Forecast

Predicted advertising expenditure across 12 key markets, including Italy, for the next two years.

EACA Euro Effies

The gold standard in marketing communications effectiveness across multiple European markets.

Latest case studies

Deichmann: Because we love shoes

This case demonstrates how Delchmann, Europe's biggest shoe retailer from Germany, added a new emotional dimension to its predominantly rational brand, establishing it as a vendor of fashionable shoes.

Toyota Aygo: Go fun yourself.

This case study describes how Toyota, the Japanese car brand, built a new communications platform to attract younger buyers, create exciting online content and increase sales.

Samsung Electronics Italy: Samsung maestros academy

This case study describes how Samsung Electronics Italy enhanced its image by creating the Samsung Maestros Academy.

Unilever: Cupidity / Love ride campaign

This case study describes how Unilever mounted an international campaign for Cornetto by harnessing the twin assets of love stories and music videos.

Latest articles

Global Ad Trends 2015

This report summarises the data stored in Warc's Adspend Database, which tracks advertising expenditure for eight media in 90 individual markets back to 1980.

Forecasting financial products acquisition via dynamic segmentation: an application to the Italian market

The topic of market segmentation is still one of the most pervasive in marketing.

Adstats: Household products adspend

This brief article rounds up some statistics regarding household products adspend.

Grounding consumer-brand engagement: A field-driven conceptualisation

Consumer–brand engagement (CBE) is a priority in the current marketing agenda.

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