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Key reading


The Consumerology Report: Canadian Economic Update

Bensimon Byrne research on Canadian attitudes towards the economy. Major trends in the report include major concerns over rising costs and stagnant incomes and how this is affecting consumption habits.

Doing business in Quebec requires a sensitive touch

Listing the cultural considerations for brands seeking to cut through in Francophone Canada.

International Ad Forecast

Predicted advertising expenditure across 12 key markets, including Canada, for the next two years.


The CASSIES aim to recognize, reward and improve the business effectiveness of advertising in Canada.

Latest case studies

Benjamin Moore: Drafting off of the Big Box

This case study describes how Benjamin Moore, a paint brand in Canada and the US, used its position as a competitor to brands with bigger budgets to reinvigorate its sales.

IKEA: Inspiration Boxes

This case study describes how IKEA, the home furnishing brand, increased its customer base in Montreal by giving away free moving boxes advertising its storage solution.

The Tourette Syndrome Foundation Of Canada: Surrender your say

This case study describes how the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada employed a Twitter campaign to create awareness and understanding of the syndrome and gain empathy for sufferers.

Molson Coors Canada: Passport beer fridge

This case study describes how Molson Coors Canada promoted its brand beyond its home market and attracted new customers from the millennial demographic.

Latest articles

Adstats: Household products adspend

This brief article rounds up some statistics regarding household products adspend.

Adstats: International Ad Forecast

This article details adspend data covering 12 key markets, from Warc's latest International Ad Forecast, which predicts an increase of 2.8% in global adspend in 2015.

Modular surveys for agile research solutions

This paper shows how the use of a series of micro-surveys can replace longer surveys and, in turn, tackle two problems of standard access panels: sampling limitations and survey length.

Hooked on shopping: Understanding what fuels the new daily online shopping habit

This paper shares findings from a study into online shopping behaviour, and argues that online retailers need to adapt their approaches and metrics to meet consumer needs.

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