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Australia &
New Zealand

Key reading

Shark Dive

Bravery, innovation and collaboration: How Australian advertisers are pushing boundaries

This event report looks at recent examples of how advertisers in Australia – including Rip Curl, IKEA, Airbnb and Samsung – are embracing new platforms, brand collaborations, new content ideas and data as they engage with increasingly sophisticated audiences.
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The state of Australian strategy

This article examines the state of strategy in Australia, using case studies from the APG Australia Awards.

International Ad Forecast

Predicted advertising expenditure across 12 key markets, including Australia, for the next two years.

APG Australia Awards

Dedicated to inspiring the exchange of expertise on how business can benefit from creative thinking.

New Zealand Effies

In New Zealand, the Effie Awards are backed by the Communication Agencies Association (CAANZ).

Latest case studies

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia (Vision Australia): Free Puppies Forever

This case study describes Seeing Eye Dogs Australia's campaign that increased the number of carers to look after them before the puppies could begin training, by starting a subscription service.

Brownes Dairy: Don't lie to your Mum: How honesty turned the tide for Brownes Yogurt

This case study looks at Brownes Dairy, and its campaign to reverse a significant sales decline by channeling mothers' enjoyment of their kids' enjoyment.

Blackmores: The power of knowledge: How an 80-year-old reclaimed thought leadership

This case study looks at the Australian vitamin brand Blackmores and its campaign that changed the way consumers saw their health, and reclaimed its position as a thought leader.

ANZ: Owning the First Job Trigger

This case study looks at the Australian financial services provider ANZ, that targeted the crucial entry point of teens and young adults with a campaign that would be useful to the audience.

Latest articles

How Bupa uses content marketing to drive sales in Australia

This article explores how Bupa, the multinational healthcare company, built a content marketing portal specifically targeted at Australia's mothers to build engagement with the brand and subsequently increase sales.

Officeworks: Creating a customer-centric brand

This case study describes how Officeworks, an office supplies chain, achieved record growth by shifting its focus from being product-centric to customer-centric.

How Tourism Australia turned Aussies into content creators

This article covers how Tourism Australia invited everyday Australians to participate in building the country’s brand via its #seeaustralia content marketing campaign in Instagram and Facebook.

How the Australian Turf Club used Instagram, influencers and CX to attract millennials

This article outlines how the Australian Turf Club (ATC) modernised its appeal with social media outreach and a better customer experience to attract a new generation of punters.

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