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Key reading

Consumer insight

How to use segmentation effectively

This best practice paper provides an overview of segmentation - from identifying groups of potential customers who are clustered around common traits to understanding how they may best be reached and how they will respond to different messages and appeals.

Why consumers don't fit into neat boxes

Byron Sharp argues that brands with quite different features end up selling to the same people as rivals.

Market segmentation

A guide to segmenting consumers and embedding segments across a business.
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Post-demographic consumerism

Why people's lifestyles and mindsets are more important than gender, age and income as predictors.

Latest case studies

O2: Proactive Re-sign

This case study looks at a campaign from O2, the UK telco, that won and retained customers by changing the structure of 2 year contracts, allowing customers to 'refresh' to the newest handset at any point.

Direct Line: The Fixer

This case study details Direct Line's 'Fixer' campaign in the UK, that leveraged the insurer's hassle-free solutions-providing image to build awareness and increase renewals.

Direct Line: #DirectFix

This case study shows how Direct Line, an insurance company, increased its sales using a social media direct-response campaign in the UK.

Scoot Airlines: The Scoot social matrix

This case study describes how Scoot Airlines, a low-cost Singaporean carrier, optimised its social media usage and raised business results through a more scientific approach to social.

Latest articles

Target’s turn-around: boosting sales with creative segmentation in Australia

This event report explores how Target, an Australian retail brand, boosted sales by adopting a pioneering online to offline digital approach.

Deliveroo cracks Hong Kong with data-driven segmentation and customer experience

The article explains how Deliveroo, a UK-founded food delivery service, successfully launched its product in Hong Kong with data-driven segmentation, localization and a focus on customer experience.

Understanding McDonald's and Subway Customers in Australia

This infographic provides insights into the customer demographics of 125,000 Australia fast food consumers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide based on location and mobile data.

Cultural embeddedness of products: a new measurement of culture and its effects

This paper develops a measurement of culture on the product category level, called the cultural embeddedness of products (CEP) scale, and progresses the scale in accordance with standard procedures.

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