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Key reading

The sharing economy

The new consumer and the sharing economy

This report from Havas Worldwide discusses changing attitudes towards consumption globally, the rise of the 'sharing economy' and the opportunities this presents for brands. It argues that brands can serve as guarantors and protectors in the sharing economy, and a number of them are already active in this area.

Global green behaviour and its market impact

Why people's attitudes towards the environment are changing – and how these changes impact on brands.

The way we live now: Exploring cruise control

How brands can capitalise on consumers' growing desire for control in all aspects of their life.
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Healthy eating trends around the world

Nielsen research on body image perceptions and healthy eating trends around the world.

Latest case studies

Orchard Thieves: Thieving the Spotlight

This case study describes how great consumer insight and game changing marketing executions have helped newly created Orchard Thieves cider, a Heineken Ireland brand, disrupt the category and market to create success.

Tesco Mobile Ireland: From little voice to big voice

This case study describes how Tesco Mobile's new strategy in Ireland helped to reposition the brand for optimum growth despite increasing competition and very constrained budgets.

Waterwipes: How showing ineffectiveness proved to be dramatically effective for a plucky little Irish business

This case study describes how WaterWipes, chemical-free baby wipes from Ireland, used the meaningful emotional difference in communications to grow the brand.

Kraft Mac and Cheese: The World's Largest Blind Taste Test

This case study shows how Kraft Foods, an American food producer, announced the biggest change in its popular Blue Box Kraft Mac & Cheese by not saying a word about it.

Latest articles

Insight Intelligence Market Research Summit 2016, 9-10 May, London

This article covers a new approach to measuring rail passengers' experience by exploring the emotions associated with rail travel among London commuters.

Humanising finance: Why FinTech's language may be the biggest threat to banks

This event report details Future Foundation research on the language of financial services, arguing that the rise of FinTech is a threat to traditional providers in more areas than mere technology.

Consumer sentiment after the global financial crisis

The present study seeks to analyse the predictive capacity of the Index of Consumer Sentiment (ICS) (a leading index in international market research) in Italy, before and after the global financial crisis.

The Game-changing Generation: How millennials are disrupting the market and what your brand can do about it

This paper reports the findings of a study into what millennials are looking for when choosing a mobile network provider, including the best ways to talk to this demographic, and what would influence their likelihood to switch or stay with a provider.

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