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Key reading


Global planning: Winning in the post-geographic age

Martin Weigel, of Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, discusses planning across markets. The majority of the agency's work is actually done in markets not in the Netherlands. He advocates avoiding snobbery, focussing on the universal, travelling extensively and investing in relationships.

Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange: Big and little planning

A campaign showing there is no such thing as a global marketplace, and that most brands are not global.

Global goes local: Brands without borders

Why brands should have a few core global constants and then allow for flexibility according to local markets.

The death of the global campaign

Peter Field argues that local insights and cultural specificity will be crucial to the future of global marketing.

Planning to go global

This classic paper from Rita Clifton sets out a methodology for planning international campaigns.

Latest case studies

Shell Lego: Created by Us, built by You

This case study shows how Shell V-Power, a global premium fuel brand, increased market penetration and consumer preference by offering exclusive LEGO Ferrari model sets with fuel purchase.

Turn off to turn on for Durex

This case study demonstrates how Durex, the sexual well-being company, used Earth Hour to help change its perception to a fun and playful brand.

adidas: Luis Suarez - Brand Strategist

This case study details how adidas, a sportswear company, used social media and a controversial stance to promote its range of football boots.

Snickers: Making the world your creative department

This case study demonstrates how Snickers, the chocolate bar, employed a universal idea at the centre of its strategy and now benefits from public adoption around the world.

Latest articles

Global Ad Trends 2015

This report summarises the data stored in Warc's Adspend Database, which tracks advertising expenditure for eight media in 90 individual markets back to 1980.

A funny thing happened on the way to our insights: Confronting unexpected insights in mixed method digital qualitative

This paper explains how digital ethnographies allow for more nuanced research, findings and exploration, which reach beyond the primary research goal and into opportunities and issues not identified at the start of a study.

How we became curators of cool: What the Tumblr generation can teach us about doing research

This paper explores the research method of Connectivity as a way to empower brands to better understand and engage consumers, by using the 'Tumblr generation' as a target group example.

Global Marketing Index, October 2015: Growth Rate for Global Marketing Budgets Steadily Slowing

This article summarises the results of October's Global Marketing Index.

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