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Luxury brands

Key reading


How digital creates a seamless luxury consumer journey

This article discusses the importance of integrating digital strategies into luxury brand marketing, allowing for more creative brand story-telling. It argues that digital strategies are vital for luxury brands, such as Cartier, because their target groups are higher-than-average users of digital media.

Making a luxury brand

This article discusses the nature of brand desire – and how this relates to marketing luxury brands.

Five ways to market prestige brands

Best Practice paper on how luxury brands are rethinking their approach for digital-savvy consumers.
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Delivering a luxury brand experience

Why the ability to create innovative and engaging brand experiences is important for luxury goods.

The art of luxury

Why luxury brands are like art – as both avoid rational justifications for their existence.

Latest case studies

Mercedes-Benz: #FormulaTweet

This case study demonstrates how Mercedes-Benz, the automotive maker, launched a new Twitter account to communicate directly with its fans in Italy.

Honda: King of the Hell

This case study shows how Honda, the automotive brand, positioned its new type R in the UK to be driven 'like you stole it,' creating a new brand attitude and fresh customer base.

Lexus: Vehicle recognition digital billboards

This case study describes how Lexus built awareness of the new Lexus NX vehicle in Australia by using targeted interactive media.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label: The Gentlemen's Wager

The case study talks about "The Gentlemen's Wager" – Johnnie Walker Blue Label's first centrally executed global digital campaign which was activated from August to November 2014 across 24 countries globally and eight countries in Asia.

Latest articles

Changing gear: How BMW is staking its claim to the luxury end of the car market

This event report looks at how automaker BMW is shifting its marketing emphasis away from its engineering prowess to include the benefits and fun of the technology it now incorporates in its cars.

Do Price Promotions Help or Hurt Premium-Product Brands? The Impact of Different Price-Promotion Types on Sales and Brand Perception

Although various types of price promotion are used to increase sales, they negatively may affect consumers' perceptions of a premium-product brand.

Culture Vulture, Luxury Edition 05

This report explores the global luxury market, describes ten cultural dynamics driving change in the market, and applies those trends to several luxury categories.

Gilt Groupe builds it brand – and sales – with Instagram

This event report outlines the various ways in which Gilt Groupe, the flash-sales platforms for luxury apparel, is using Instagram.

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