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Challenger brands

Key reading


New strategies from a new generation of challenger brands

Adam Morgan discusses five valuable strategies that can be adapted from a new generation of 'challenger brands'. He uses several practical examples, including one from method, which has build "unique visibility" into its packaging as an alternative to advertising.

Eating the Big Fish

Adam Morgan on how small brands can topple big ones if they take a different strategy.

The Uber-all economy

Why the sharing economy is posing serious competition to established businesses.

The power of challenger brands to surprise (and often delight)

How brands like T-Mobile, Airbnb, Warby Parker and Dove take on their category leaders.
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Latest case studies

Xperia: Launching the world's first underwater store

This case study shows how Sony, the technology company, created the world's first underwater store to market the Xperia Z3, the world's first fully waterproof phone.

Mattessons Fridge Raiders: F.R.H.A.N.K. The story of a brand acting bigger than it is

This case study shows how Mattessons sought to expand the UK's new 'meat snacking' category with its Fridge Raiders brand, by partnering with a gaming celebrity and engaging a teenage audience.

Appliance Shed: Legit brands. Legit results.

This case shows how Appliance Shed, a small Auckland-based retailer of low-price electric goods, used innovative brand and retail messaging to reverse its declining sales.

Adobe Marketing Cloud: Do you know what your marketing is doing?

This case study describes how Adobe Marketing Cloud, a suite of digital marketing software, reached its elusive audience in the USA with an agile communication strategy.

Latest articles

Warc Webinar: How to turn constraints into business and brand advantages

This webinar lays out strategies to help turn the apparent constraints (of budget, resource, time or talent) that we face as a daily business reality into stimulus to deliver more powerfully against brand purpose and business ambitions.

TomTom and DDB: Entering a new category and taking on Goliath

This event report looks at how one brand went about entering a new category and challenging the market leader there.

WOM and TV, two ways to build a brand: Insights from Moonpig and Naked Wines

For new business owners, building a brand can be done in a number of ways but budgetary constraints mean that word of mouth is likely to be important, at least in the initial stages.

How Snickers used buzz to overcome 'challenger brand' status in Japan

This event report demonstrates how Snickers, the confectionery brand owned by Mars, adapted its global brand position for Japan during the 2014 Christmas season.

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