Warc Webinar: The Programmatic Primer

17 June 2014

Hosted by:

Ted McConnell (Principal, Ted McConnell Consulting, LLC)


(Subscribers only)

Despite the rapid growth of programmatic advertising a recent study found that only 23% of marketers understand and use programmatic buying (AdAge, March 31, 2014). Yet companies who create the right partnerships, measurement, and data for programmatic see significantly improved marketing results. This webinar will help advertising buyers understand what programmatic is from the buyer's perspective and why and how it should be used.

Watch this webinar to:

  • The benefits of programmatic and how it works
  • Step by step advice on how to use programmatic
  • Understanding of the frailties of programmatic and how to fix them
  • Comparisons and differences from TV buying
  • Clarity on confusing acronyms

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