Warc Webinar: The Future of Shopper Marketing

18 November 2013


Ken Madden (EVP, Head of Digital, North America, Geometry Global)

J. Walker Smith (Executive Chairman, The Futures Company)

Christopher Gray, Psy.D. (VP of Shopper Psychology, Shopper Insights & Planning Team Lead, Saatchi & Saatchi X)

Hosted by Colin Grimshaw (Publisher and Editor, Admap)


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The Future of Shopper Marketing

Following on from Admap's recent shopper marketing edition, exploring trends and the purchase journey, the mobile shopsumer and shopper behaviour and the psychology of shopping, our expert panel investigate the future of shopper marketing.

Shopper marketing has become one of today’s most critical marketing disciplines. There has been a sea change in the way we shop in the digital age. We now use a plethora of media to research our intended purchase, visit a store to sample products (known as showrooming), compare prices online, perhaps purchase online (maybe to collect in-store) or revisit the physical store to have the shopping experience and the satisfaction of taking your booty home in the branded carrier bag.

The path to purchase becomes ever more labyrinthine, and it is vital that the marketing communication reaches every touchpoint and responds to purchase behavioural signs. If not, then the consumer may be diverted, enticed by a rival, along a different decision path. And that risk remains right up to the point that the purchase is completed.

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