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Cannes Creative Lions, Creative Effectiveness Lions, 2014

This case study describes how UPS, the logistics company, used a sports theme to boost brand love among small and medium-sized businesses and attract them as new customers.

Andrea Sophocleous, Event Reports, ad:tech Australia, March 2014
This event report explains how Australia Post, the postal service, developed a 'video stamp' to improve sales and perception of the brand on social media in a Christmas campaign. The company had experienced a decline in sales of its express postal product which it wanted to reduce.

Colin Strong, Admap, March 2014
This article describes how behavioural science can be used to overcome brand loyalty and nudge consumers into switching. Even though consumers can save money by switching, few do in many categories.

Design Business Association, Bronze, Design Effectiveness Awards 2014
This case study describes how Shell, the energy giant, used social media to promote an event in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The eco-event invited students from high schools and colleges to design and build a vehicle, and the one that could run furthest on a litre of fuel would be declared the winner.

Design Business Association, Silver, Design Effectiveness Awards 2014
This case study describes an internal communications strategy by National Grid, the UK power network maintenance company, which sought to decrease cable strike accidents by engaging staff. Previous communications had been initially successful, but then lost impact.

Design Business Association, Silver, Design Effectiveness Awards 2014
This case study describes how British Gas, the UK energy provider, redesigned its bill as part of a company-wide initiative to regain trust with its consumers. High energy prices and increasingly complicated bills and tariffs had led to high levels of criticism of the major energy companies in the UK.

Design Business Association, Gold, Design Effectiveness Awards 2014
This case study describes a campaign by the Gas Safe Register in the North West of England which sought to communicate safe gas work and change people's behaviour. The Gas Safe Register is responsible for gas safety in UK homes, including promoting safety checks by accredited workers.

Design Business Association, Silver, Design Effectiveness Awards 2014
This case study demonstrates how Royal Mail, the UK postal service, made its stamps commemorating the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games stand out from a crowded memorabilia marketplace. Once an iconic and culturally salient item for letter-writers and collectors alike, digital communications have caused a decline in the use of stamps for mail, and stamp-collecting has also declined.

Low Lai Chow, Event Reports, AdAsia, November 2013
This event report shows how brands have used mobile marketing in innovative ways in Japan. Domino's, the quick-service chain, ran a "limited-time offer" which consumers could reclaim if they managed to hit a button at exactly the right moment - down to the tenth of a second.




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