Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, ANA Mobile First

This event report explains how Lowe's, the home improvements retailer, has adapted to the challenge of the internet of things - and the real prospect of being cut out of the customer journey - by focussing on delivering value to customers.

GfK, December 2014

This article highlights the key findings into what young people around the world expect from stores, the online shopping experience and how they expect to be shopping in the future.

Hannah Wright, International Journal of Market Research, Vol. 57, No. 1, 2015
This paper aims to explore the importance of religious identity amongst young second- and third-generation British Muslims. It further seeks to understand the influence, if any, religious identity has on their consumer behaviour, examining the global rise of an Islamic consumer against a more localised set of needs and preferences.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, ad:tech New York, November 2014

This event report shows how Walmart, the retail giant, is drawing on the idea of “growth hacking” to provide new and engaging experiences for consumers.

James Hurman, Admap, January 2015

This article argues that brand strategy should be quite simple: to provide a quality product with branding that stands out from the competition.

Geoffrey Precourt, Event Reports, The Market Research Event, October 2014

This event report shows how brands can benefit from "flipping" conventions, based on examples including IKEA, Google and Mini.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, The Market Research Event, October 2014

This event report provides five tips for strengthening the role of the market-research function, based on insights from Under Armour, the sporting goods group.

Gian M. Fulgoni, Journal of Advertising Research, Vol. 54, No. 4, 2014
Marketers are in critical need of insights into the consumer path-to-purchase if they are to assemble a coherent and effective marketing plan. In an omni-channel world, a consumer-centric focus is vital, meaning that marketers need to create consumer-friendly digital tools and environments that clear the way for that path to purchase.

Charles Young and Adam Page, Journal of Advertising Research, Vol. 54, No. 4, 2014
The current research used McDonald's data to explore the relationship between advertising quality and sales growth. Based on a 6.5-year dataset involving more than 180,000 consumer interviews, the researchers found that nearly half of McDonald's sales growth could be explained by variables related to advertising quality.




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