Marketing luxury goods and services


Wolfgang Schaefer, Warc Best Practice, July/August 2015

This article explores how luxury brands use digital and social media to build proximity to consumers whilst maintaining distance in an 'unselling' strategy.

Rhiannon Price, Admap, July/August 2015

This article argues that a cultural shift in China away from materialism means that the Chinese luxury car market needs to be more creative.

Victoria Cook, WPP Atticus Awards, Merit, Media and Communications Planning, 2015

This report explores the global luxury market, describes ten cultural dynamics driving change in the market, and applies those trends to several luxury categories.

Euromonitor Profiles, June 2015
This Company Profile from Euromonitor provides key details and analysis of luxury apparel and accessories company, Burberry. Included is a strategic evaluation with key facts about the British company, competitive positioning against comparative brands, and assessment of its position in the luxury market.

Camille Drucker, Thomas Minc and Matt Spector, Warc Prize for Social Strategy, Entrant, 2015

This case study describes how Ultimune beauty serum was launched in the US by encouraging women to share their natural beauty with each other.

Effie Worldwide, Finalist, North America Effies

This case study explains how Calvn Kleins, the underwear brand, used a global social media campaign to engage with fans and prove its relevancy.

Nielsen, May 2015

This article examines the luxury consumer landscape in the US, identifying five segments of consumers who have distinct approaches to luxury consumption and recommends ways to build relationships with each.

Edward Bell, Admap, June 2015

This article outlines the current state of the luxury market in China, as demographic and legal changes affect what sells.

Xiaotong Jin, Hefeng Wang, Tianxin Wang, Yang Li and Shengliang Deng, International Journal of Market Research, Digital First, June 2015
In 1899, Thorstein Veblen introduced socially contingent consumption into the economic literature. However, it was not until recent years that empirical studies of his theory begin to appear in mainstream economic literature with diversified conclusions.



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