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Lena Roland, Event Reports, Marketing Society Annual Conference, November 2014

This event report considers some of the different approaches companies are taking with regards to technological innovation.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, The Market Research Event, October 2014

This event report breaks down how SunTrust, the financial-services provider, discovered and activated its brand purpose.

Crawford Hollingworth, Warc Exclusive, The Behavioural Architects, March 2014

This article demonstrates how cognitive biases and heuristics impact human responses by using the example of the UK public's response towards the weather seen during the winter of 2013/14.

ESRO and Financial Conduct Authority, MRS Awards, Winner, December 2014

This article explains how the Financial Conduct Authority, the UK regulator, used consumer and industry research to understand the shortcomings of the regulatory framework.

Oliver Sweet, Ella Fryer-Smith, Mark Burgess and Jason Field, MRS Awards, Finalist, December 2014

This article describes how MasterCard, the financial services company, used ethnographic and quantitative research to understand the needs of people in Europe who have no bank account or limited financial access.

Isabela Albero, Warc Prize for Innovation, Entrant, 2014

This case study describes how Brazilian insurance company Bradesco Seguras engaged new customers by creating a radio ad which poked fun at long call-waiting times.

Tahaab Rais, Warc Prize for Innovation, Entrant, Warc Prize for Innovation, 2014

This case study describes how Emirates NBD, a leading United Arab Emirates (UAE) bank, used custom-made dining plates to advertise their dining rewards scheme, Bon Appétit.

Amit Sharma, Warc Prize for Innovation, Entrant, Warc Prize for Innovation, 2014

This case study explains how Indian life insurance company HDFC Life created a campaign to promote life insurance policies for children as a birthday gift.

Aidan Power, Warc Prize for Innovation, Entrant, Warc Prize for Innovation, 2014

This case study describes how KCB Bank Ireland launched Change Your Bank Day, an opportunity to realise its strategic ambition of becoming a top bank in Ireland by providing a day dedicated to making changing bank easy, translating this into media buzz and new customers.



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