Emotional Marketing

Using emotion in marketing

Emotional Marketing

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, South by Southwest, March 2015

This event report looks into research findings from Procter & Gamble regarding the impact of emotional advertising, and some of the company's campaigns drawing on such themes.

ARF Ogilvy Awards, Gold, Financial services, 2015

This case study describes the launch of a new credit card product by Bank of America, which better serves people who struggle to manage their finances than traditional credit card products.

ARF Ogilvy Awards, Silver, Automotive, 2015

This case study explains how BMW increased the market share of its Motorrad motorbike model in the US by using a more efficient allocation of media spend.

ARF Ogilvy Awards, Silver, Health & personal care, 2015

This case study describes a Father's Day campaign in the US by Dove Men+Care, the personal care brand, which celebrated modern day dads and caring moments.

ARF Ogilvy Awards, Gold, Alcohol & beverages, 2015

This case study explains how Keurig, the coffee maker brand, used a stunt to associate itself with gift-giving and get people talking about its brand in the US.

ARF Ogilvy Awards, Silver, Travel & leisure, 2015

This case study explains how The Auto Club Group of America (AAA) created a storytelling campaign with its brand purpose at the centre to improve brand metrics.

ARF Ogilvy Awards, Gold, Government & nonprofit, 2015

This case study describes a campaign by The Shelter Pet Project, a public service ad campaign, which increased the number of pets adopted from animal shelters in the US.

ARF Ogilvy Awards, Silver, Pharmaceutical, 2015

This case study describes the launch of XELJANZ in the US, a new drug by pharmaceutical company Pfizer, with a campaign that showed the brand truly understood the lives and difficulties of sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Robert Passikoff, Admap, March 2015

This article analyses the performance of several brands that have used big event marketing and finds that engaging people with the brand is crucial to meet business objectives.



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