Emotional Marketing

Using emotion in marketing

Emotional Marketing

Ilona Janashvili & Alexandra Carroll, Warc Prize for Social Strategy, Shortlisted, 2015

This case study explains how SPC, the largest fruit processor in Australia, built a social media campaign off the back of a single customer tweet, to reverse sales decline.

Tahaab Rais, Warc Prize for Social Strategy, Shortlisted, 2015

This case study explains how Emirates NBD, the Middle East's leading bank, engaged affluent parents by creating a social experiment where it asked children to send a message to their future selves.

Warc Prize for Social Strategy, Shortlisted, 2015

This case study describes how American baked snack brand Honey Maid responded to negative comments about its inclusive ad campaign with an online video distributed by its fans.


NSPCC: Pants
Case Studies on Warc, 2015

This campaign aimed to many children safe from a threat that often goes unspoken by introducing and promoting the ‘Underwear Rule’.

Michèle Weydert, Event Reports, MRS Impact , March 2015

This event report considers the importance of emotional connection between brand and consumer and suggests that the strength of such connections will become a standard measure of success.

Sarah Walker, Admap, April 2015

This article sets out five tips for better storytelling in advertising, eliciting emotions from people and generating better business results.

Les Binet, Daniel Müllensiefen and Gawain Morrison, Admap, April 2015

This article outlines how skin conductance responses (SCR) - a neuroscience method - tests emotional response to music in advertising, helping to predict business success.

Gemma Calvert and Abhishek Pathak, Admap, April 2015

This article explores multisensory marketing, which can improve memory encoding and trigger desirable brand associations by appealing to different senses.

Thom Noble, Admap, April 2015

This article outlines research into radio and multisensory responses, which found that audio can trigger imagination and rich multisensory experiences.



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Activating an Olympics sponsorship through family ties


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