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Warc News, 28 August 2014
NEW YORK: Advertisers using Facebook to reach a mobile audience now have another variable to consider in their media planning as the social media giant has introduced an option allowing them to target users based on the strength of their phone signal. That means, for example, that they can avoid wasting time and money serving data-heavy video ads to people who might only have a 2G connection, a factor that will be of benefit to marketers in emerging markets where mobile phone networks are less developed and where feature phones still predominate.

Warc News, 28 August 2014
NEW YORK: A majority of senior marketers feel their businesses could do more to hitch digital technology to both their own marketing efforts and to associated areas, new research has said. Forbes Insights, part of the Forbes Media publishing group, and Wipro, the IT and consulting business, surveyed 125 C-level executives from global consumer goods companies with revenues of over $1bn, covering the US, Europe and Asia Pacific, as well as carrying out a series of one-to-one interviews for its report The Race Is On: Keeping Pace with Consumer Goods Leaders in Digital Marketing and Technology.I.

Warc News, 27 August 2014
DUBLIN/SAN FRANCISCO: Twitter is expanding its advertising network to 12 additional markets in EMEA with an emphasis on Central and Eastern Europe, the social networking site has announced. This means the availability of Twitter Ads in Europe will more than double from the eight European markets it currently operates in and takes the total number of EMEA countries where it is active to 35, the Financial Times reported.

Warc News, 26 August 2014
NEW YORK: Online retail giant Amazon could be preparing for a major expansion into the online advertising market, with tests of a new ad placement platform expected to commence later this year. According to reports, Amazon Sponsored Links will initially operate as an in-house system, taking on the role currently fulfilled by Google's AdWords product.

Soontae An and Hannah Kang, International Journal of Advertising, Vol. 33, No. 3, 2014
This study analysed advergames on top online gaming websites for children. The content of 131 websites was analysed to see whether each site contained advergames, particularly advergames for food products, and the way the advergames were presented to children.

Nora J. Rifon, Elizabeth Taylor Quilliam, Hye-Jin Paek, Lorraine J. Weatherspoon, Soo-Kyong Kim and Karen C. Smreker, International Journal of Advertising, Vol. 33, No. 3, 2014
Food marketing is under increased scrutiny for its implicated role in the childhood obesity epidemic. Free branded online advergames are ubiquitous.

Warc News, 25 August 2014
BOSTON: A full 90% of American women aged 45 and over search for items online via Google or other search engines before making a purchase, a new report has found. And a similar proportion has a Facebook account and use text messages, according to a joint survey conducted by Influence Central, the digital consultancy, and Vibrant Nation, an online community for women aged 45 and more.

comScore, July 2014

This article outlines a series of benchmarks for the pharmaceutical industry's digital marketing activity in the US, including brand awareness, doctor discussions and prescriptions filled.

comScore, June 2014

This article explores issues surrounding changes in video viewing habits as more people watch digital video on different devices and how this impacts on audience measurement, and proposes a 'total video' model for more effective advertising.



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