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Warc News, 30 January 2015
LONDON: Almost two thirds of European marketers plan to increase their expenditure on retargeting this year and sales are not necessarily the primary objective a new report has said. AdRoll, a retargeting specialist, surveyed 250 marketers across Fra.

Warc News, 30 January 2015
LONDON: Agile marketing has become a key concern for companies who wish to mix long-term brand-building with short-term initiatives, but this trend does not mean that the "big idea" is dead, according to a leading marketer at Sainsbury's. Mark Given,.

Warc News, 29 January 2015
LONDON: Advertising plays a vital role in the UK's media, cultural and sporting arenas, effectively funding them to the tune of almost £5bn a year, according to a new report. For Advertising Pays 3, the latest report on the value of advertising, prod.

Warc News, 29 January 2015
LONDON: Marketers seeking to reach young consumers  turning away from television could consider eSports, which observers have told Warc is growing rapidly and is set to reach a tipping point. A Warc Trends Snapshot, eSports – A new type of sponsorshi.

Research on Warc, Royal Mail MarketReach, January 2015

This research demonstrates how UK consumers interact with mail as it flows throughout the average household and provides advice for brands to make the most of this channel.

Warc News, 28 January 2015
LONDON: Millennials are the first truly digital generation and as they get older and possess more spending power marketers need to reassess how they can best reach them. This challenge is addressed in Warc's Toolkit 2015, a guide to six major marketi.

Pippa Bailey, Gareth Pritchard and Hollie Kernohan, International Journal of Market Research, Vol. 57, No. 1, 2015
Research undertaken into the role of gamification in online surveys has already clearly demonstrated that applying some gamification principles can significantly increase the richness of spontaneous data and participant engagement, as well as the time that participants take to complete a survey. It is obviously appreciated that consumer engagement is critical for ensuring completion rates, reducing boredom within survey and also for panel membership moving forward, but the primary consideration and focus when designing any research survey has to be on accessing reality for the consumer and hence data validity.

Richard Webber, International Journal of Market Research, Vol. 57, No. 1, 2015
This article examines the appropriate balance between two contrasting modes of understanding and predicting personal behaviour. One, older, assumption is that the most significant differences in consumer attitudes and behaviours can be understood in terms of cultural and social influences.

Paolo Antonetti and Stan Maklan, International Journal of Market Research, Vol. 57, No. 1, 2015
Scholars have documented that many consumers have positive attitudes towards responsible products but do not consistently buy these alternatives. In this paper we present a new perspective, based on categorisation theory, to examine the attitude–behaviour gap.



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