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Warc News, 24 November 2014
LONDON: Almost all UK millennials are ready to change their bank but one chief marketing officer has warned against getting pulled into a "doom loop" of discounting to attract new customers. A study from the Rufus Leonard agency, which surveyed 1,000.

Warc News, 24 November 2014
LONDON: Mobile advertising, often regarded as a direct response medium, is capable of lifting brand awareness by up more than 50% according to research. Havas Media Group and Sky Media combined to analyse real world campaigns from finance brand Natio.

Warc News, 21 November 2014
LONDON: The rapid uptake of smartphones by UK consumers over the past five years has been accompanied by a rise in m-commerce so that more than half of smartphone owners now browse for items on their device and more than one third go on to buy. Accor.

Pete Comley, ESOMAR, Qualitative, November 2014

This paper examines the usefulness of analysing 'selfies' to understand how people feel about brands, finding that selfies are uncorrelated to people's true feelings about a brand and are not useful in research.

Martin Lee , ESOMAR, Qualitative, November 2014

This paper proposes that storytelling is, or should be, key to good market research, as this is how people make sense of the world - and come to care about how and why things are happening.

Mat Watson, Mark Fathalla, Konrad Collao and Alex Charlton, ESOMAR, Qualitative, November 2014

Using a case study from ITV, the UK broadcaster, this paper explains how research using high quality audio-visual footage captured from a participants' perspective - using wearable technology - can answer client questions and generate insight.

Rhiannon Price and Steve Hill, ESOMAR, Qualitative, November 2014

This paper addresses criticisms of the market research industry and argues that taking into account the corporate context and working in an oblique manner is more effective than simply answering the research brief.

Warc News, 20 November 2014
LONDON: The notion of what constitutes a family is evolving far beyond the traditional average of mother, father and 2.4 children, with most Britons now believing that one size no longer fits all. The Future of Families, a study of 4,000 people acro.

Warc News, 20 November 2014
LONDON: UK programmatic spending has leapt ahead during the first three quarters of 2014, according to latest figures, as it begins to extend to higher quality inventory.Data from Standard Media Index (SMI), which captures information directly from.



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