Shopper Marketing

Insights on shopper behaviour

Shopper Marketing

GfK, December 2014

This article highlights the key findings into what young people around the world expect from stores, the online shopping experience and how they expect to be shopping in the future.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, ad:tech New York, November 2014

This event report shows how AB InBev, the brewing group, is aiming to enhance its in-store marketing efforts using digital technology.

Li-Chun Yang and Kuan-Nien Chen, International Journal of Market Research, Vol. 57, No. 1, 2015
While scent is generally considered the more important factor determining consumers’ choice of cosmetics, the first impression gained by a potential purchaser is the sight of the packaging design. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relative roles of sight and smell in consumers’ choice of body lotion, using a combination of sense testing, questionnaire and interview.

Tom Barker, Warc Exclusive, January 2015

This article provides a simplified guide to programmatic buying, arguing that it is important for more marketers to understand this important technology and move marketing strategies to 'always on' to make the most of it.

Ben Leet and Edward Appleton, Research on Warc, January 2015

This article explores the argument that mobile research gives more accurate insights than online research, with a three-stage study reaching the conclusion that it does.

Tom Doctoroff, Market Leader, Quarter 1, 2015

This article explores the role of content in the path to purchase, arguing that content should have a clear purpose and reinforce a consistent message.

Adrian Nicholls, Market Leader, Quarter 1, 2015

This article explains the importance of recommendation to mothers, and sets out how brands can engage them as they become increasingly connected online.

Tim Pritchard and Simon Wood, Admap, January 2015

This article examines loyalty in mobile phones, looking at how handset, operating system (OS) and network each command loyalty which is both separate and interacts with the others.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, The Market Research Event, October 2014

This event report discusses why PepsiCo, the food and beverage group, is avoiding the temptation of solely focusing on millennials.



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