Service Brands

Insights on service brands

Service Brands

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, CMO Leadership Forum, June 2014

This event report reveals how Lincoln Financial Group has made its business more customer-centric by putting customer insights at the heart of its marketing.

Low Lai Chow, Event Reports, CommunicAsia, June 2014

This event report explains how changing consumer habits - especially of younger people - is affecting telecommunications companies in Asia.

Andrea Sophocleous, Event Reports, Mumbrella360, June 2014

This event report describes how three Australian brands - ANZ, the bank, CPA Australia, the professional body, and Woolworths, the supermarket chain - have used content marketing to reach and engage audiences.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, M1 Mobile-First Summit, May 2014

This event report discusses how AT&T, the telecoms giant, is addressing a conundrum at the heart of the mobile ecosystem: that its customers are empowered by new technology but overwhelmed by the pace of change.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, ARF Audience Measurement, June 2014

This event report discusses how Bank of America, the financial services giant, shifted its brand strategy from centring on product profitability to focusing on customer profitability.

INCITE, in partnership with AIP, Research on Warc, June 2014

This report identifies the top innovative brands in Singapore from a consumer perspective, looking at drivers of opinion, variation by age group and perceptions of local brands.

Lai Low Chow, Event Reports, Sponsorship Matters Singapore, May 2014

This event report considers the sports sponsorship experiences of leading players both as sponsors and as rights holders in Asia.

Matthew Carlton, Event Reports, Market Research Summit, June 2014

This event report outlines how mobile telecoms business Orange examined the conversations taking place on social media in the UK to better understand its customers.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, ARF Audience Measurement, June 2014

This event report explains how Choice Hotels, the global hotel company, has used digital ad data to improve its digital ROI and increase revenue.



Service Brands

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