Identifying and serving consumer cohorts


Vicki Loomes, Admap, October 2015

This short article suggests that brands should help people break out of demographic stereotypes and express their individual identities.

Jason Mander, Admap, October 2015

This article reveals findings from global research into people who follow brands on social media.

Reynold D’Silva, Warc Exclusive, September 2015

This article looks at the ways in which mobile apps are rapidly transforming lifestyles across Asia and considers the implications for marketers.

Christian Kugel , ESOMAR, Congress, Dublin, September 2015

This paper shares results from research by AOL, the mass media corporation, into digital content marketing.

Sheila Cunningham and Guy Perrem, ESOMAR, Congress, Dublin, September 2015

This paper demonstrates how Heineken, the beer brand, uses research to define the culture for specific cities, focusing on the main cities of Ireland - Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast.

Jo Tenzer and Andrew Crysell, ESOMAR, Congress, Dublin, September 2015

This paper shares the findings of a research project into the lives of young people aged 13-24 across 11 international markets, using mobile diaries to cover attitudes towards friends, media, brands, education and socialising.

Dave Choate and Chad R. Maxwell, ESOMAR, Congress, Dublin, September 2015

This paper identifies a new approach to leveraging insight from social media, focusing on who is doing the talking rather than what is being talked about.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, MediaPost Engage: Millennials, September 2015

This event report shows how Schick, the razor brand, successfully tapped YouTube influencers in order to engage with millennials.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, 6Sense webinar, September 2015

This event report outlines how Cisco, the technology group, is using predictive intelligence to inform its marketing and sales efforts.




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