Radio Effectiveness

Using radio as a marketing channel

Radio Effectiveness

Tony Regan, Warc Best Practice, March 2015

This article sets out some tips and guidelines for using radio as part of the media mix, a resilient media with distinct benefits.

Warc Exclusive, February 2015

This article provides marketers with information and guidance on several major media channels.

Institute of Communication Agencies, Bronze, Canadian Advertising Success Stories, 2015

This case study shows how a new campaign helped Alberta Health Services (AHS) target 25 to 40-year-old women by encouraging current smokers in this demographic to make a new attempt at quitting, this time with the support of AlbertaQuits.

Aarti S. Ivanic, Kenneth Bates and T. Somasundaram, Journal of Advertising Research, Vol. 54, No. 4, 2014
Advertisers often employ spokespeople who speak with an accent ("accented spokespeople") to promote products and services that are stereotypical of (or related to) a speaker's background. This practice particularly is evident in radio advertisements, which offer no visual cues to aid in consumers' information processing.

Isabela Albero, Warc Prize for Innovation, Entrant, 2014

This case study describes how Brazilian insurance company Bradesco Seguras engaged new customers by creating a radio ad which poked fun at long call-waiting times.

Nam-Hyun Um, International Journal of Advertising, Vol. 33, No. 4, 2014
This study is designed to investigate the effect of gay-themed advertising as well as consumers' gender, tolerance towards homosexuality (low vs high tolerance) and consumers' brand commitment (low vs high commitment) on attitude towards ad and attitude towards brand. The study result suggests that people exposed to non-gay-themed ads had more positive attitudes towards the brand than did people exposed to gay-themed ads.

Integrated Marketing Communications Council Europe, Gold, IMC European Awards 2014

This case study explains how Belgian bank KBC used an online tool to re-establish itself as the reference bank for entrepreneurs and become an intermediary between the people of Belgium and future business owners.

Integrated Marketing Communications Council Europe, Bronze, IMC European Awards 2014

This case study explains how HB Ice Cream, the Irish market leader, used a radio competition to launch the summer ice cream sales season.

Matt Jones, Emily Harlock, Craig Mawdsley and Marie Oldham, Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, Entrant, IPA Effectiveness Awards, 2014

This case case study explains how The National Lottery, the UK lottery that collects money for good causes, engaged people with the game when increasing its price point.



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