Online Effectiveness

Using online marketing channels

Online Effectiveness

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, Advertising Age Digital, April 2015

This event report addresses how Taco Bell, the quick-service restaurant chain, has refined its presence on social media.

Geoffrey Precourt, Event Reports, ARF Audience Measurement, June 2015

This event report covers the explosion of confusing terminology in the digital ad space, and provides some working definitions from comScore and the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) to help guide marketers.

Stephen Whiteside, Warc Trends, Snapshot, July 2015

This article explores the growing popularity of 'vertical video' - video content designed to be viewed in portrait rather than landscape form - which is driven by mobile devices.

Ian Forrester, Warc Best Practice, July/August 2015

This article outlines five steps for brands to make their online videos 'go viral'.

Peter Sena, Admap, July/August 2015

This article argues that the digital landscape requires cross-functional teams and agile marketing practices, and gives examples of brands that are getting it right.

Ross Barnes, Admap, July/August 2015

This article argues that brands need to balance speed and consideration to make their marketing 'agile'.

Geoffrey Precourt, Event Reports, ARF Audience Measurement, June 2015

This event report outlines recommendations from the Advertising Research Foundation and comScore regarding how marketers can improve their advertising viewability levels.

David Tiltman, Event Reports, Cannes Lions, June 2015

This event report explains how Tic Tacs, the confectionery brand owned by Ferrero, developed a new 'Minions' themed product following social media demand.

Ted McConnell, Warc Exclusive, July 2015
In this collection of articles the various elements of the online advertising ecosystem are explained. The articles enable advertisers to take advantage of the opportunities offered by programmatic advertising through understanding the companies and processes involved.



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