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Warc News, 18 April 2014
MIAMI: Agencies and clients frequently appear to be talking different languages, according to a new report that also reveals a major disconnect in their views on why their relationships come to an end. The 2014 SoDA report, from the global society for digital marketing innovators, was based on a worldwide survey of 736 decision makers, evenly split.

Warc News, 17 April 2014
GLOBAL: Turkey, China and Russia are the countries at the forefront of the shift from viewing live TV to watching programming streamed from the internet and watching TV on a computer or laptop. The findings emerged from a survey by Ipsos OTX, the innovation centre for the market research firm, which polled 15,551 adults in 20 countries. Globally, m.

Low Lai Chow, Event Reports, Mobile East Africa, February 2014
This event report addresses how Safaricom, the telecoms company, is helping transform the lives of customers and communities in Kenya. Perhaps its best-known innovation in this area is M-PESA, the micropayments service which has 18 million users, and has given consumers at the bottom of the pyramid access to vital financial services.

Matthew Carlton, Event Reports, Advertising Week Europe, April 2014
This event report discusses four factors which have the potential to disrupt business models over the coming years. These are maximise, democratise, ground up and emotionalise.

Warc News, 07 April 2014
TOKYO: Brands are reassessing the allocation of their marketing budgets in Japan following the near doubling of the country's consumption tax.This follows a surge in Japanese consumer spending ahead of the rise from 5% to 8% at the start of April, with a further increase to 10% scheduled for October 2015.

Warc News, 03 April 2014
MUMBAI: The relationship between Twitter and brands has taken another step as a leading Indian bank has incorporated the social media platform into its banking strategy. Kotak Mahindra Bank claims the use of Twitter in real time for services such as requesting a cheque book or getting transaction details is a first for India and possibly the world.

Warc News, 02 April 2014
NEW YORK: Neuroscience provides tangible insights into how ads work, and its impact can be enhanced if the findings generated are considered alongside those drawn from old and new techniques, a leading expert has said. Horst Stipp, evp, research and innovation, Global and Ad Effectiveness at the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF), discussed this.

Warc News, 02 April 2014
LONDON: Automotive digital advertising campaigns are more likely to be successful if they show the original vehicle price without any promotional offers, according to new research. Rocket Fuel, a provider of artificial intelligence advertising solutions for digital marketers, studied the results of over 7,500 digital automotive advertisements deliv.

David Mattin, Admap, April 2014
This article describes a growing trend towards consumers wanting brands to help them become the people they want to be. Consumers often find changing habits or reaching goals difficult through lack of will-power, creating an opportunity for brands to help.



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