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NPD Innovation

Nick Gadsby, Market Research Society, Annual Conference, 2015

The paper attempts to quantify 'newness', on the understanding that most things that are experienced as new are built on familiar things.

Warc News, 27 March 2015
HERZOGENAURACH: Adidas, the sportswear giant, intends to focus its marketing efforts on six cities around the world as part of a new five-year plan. "Global brands are created in global cities," said Roland Auschel, head of global sales. "If we win r.

Kristin Hickey, Market Research Society, Annual Conference, 2015

This paper outlines how using old processes impedes innovation in the now faster-changing world for FMCG companies.

Raji Bonala and Satya Bonala, Market Research Society, Annual Conference, 2015

This paper applied the old Indian concept of Jugaad - doing more with less - to market research to reduce costs and time taken to reach conclusions.

Warc News, 27 March 2015
AUSTIN, TX: Netflix, the online streaming service, has moved significantly beyond using demographics to understand its users, having learned this information was "almost useless" as an indicator of behaviour. Todd Yellin, Netflix's vp/product innovat.

Warc News, 26 March 2015
SINGAPORE: Marketers in Asia have been accused of being "behind the curve" when it comes to leveraging the power of mobile, and of failing to recognise the growth of mobile usage in the region. Joanna Flint, the managing director of Google Singapore,.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, South by Southwest, March 2015

This event report breaks down how Netflix, the on-demand streaming service, enhances the customer experience.

Warc News, 26 March 2015
CHICAGO/PITTSBURGH: After a day of speculation in the financial media, food and beverage giants Kraft Foods and Heinz have confirmed that they will merge to create one of the world's largest consumer groups. The deal will unite some of America's best.

Warc News, 24 March 2015
AUSTIN, TX: Google could have "done a better job" with the communications surrounding Glass, its controversial connected-eyewear product, according to a leading executive from the company. Astro Teller, who holds the title "Moonshot Captain" at Googl.



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