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Warc News, 16 April 2015
NEW DELHI: Out of almost 17,000 product launches in the FMCG sector in India in 2012, a mere 23 can claim to have been a success according to a new study. The second India Breakthrough Innovation Report from researcher Nielsen looked at 16,914 new la.

Warc News, 15 April 2015
NEW DELHI: The future of internet access and usage in India has become a topic for heated debate in recent days, with activists issuing calls to "save the internet" following a decision by the regulator to explore whether telecom firms should be perm.

Warc News, 15 April 2015
DUBAI: The online video category is set to grow "exponentially" in the Middle East and North Africa in 2015, according to an industry figure, with other key trends including the rise of programmatic buying, more ad-free content models and precision m.

Warc News, 13 April 2015
CAMBRIDGE, MA: Retailers looking to boost sales have placed too much emphasis on the impact of innovations like social networks on younger consumers and should instead concentrate on older shoppers, new research has contended. Older consumers have si.

Tobias Puehse, Nielsen, March 2015

This article introduces Nielsen's Breakthrough Innovation Report for Southeast Asia, which reviewed more than 2,500 consumer product launches across key Southeast Asia markets in order to identify innovation success.

Warc News, 07 April 2015
LONDON: There are few if any unique brand challenges and marketers would do better to spend their time learning from others who have faced similar challenges rather than behave as though they are the first to encounter such problems. Writing in the c.

Warc News, 03 April 2015
LONDON: Those brands that best understand the role of sensory characteristics in delivering consonance and satisfaction across all consumer touchpoints will stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace, a leading industry figure has said. Pip.

Raji Bonala and Satya Bonala, Market Research Society, Annual Conference, 2015

This paper applied the old Indian concept of Jugaad - doing more with less - to market research to reduce costs and time taken to reach conclusions.

Nick Gadsby, Market Research Society, Annual Conference, 2015

The paper attempts to quantify 'newness', on the understanding that most things that are experienced as new are built on familiar things.



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