Magazine Effectiveness

Using magazines as a marketing channel

Magazine Effectiveness

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, INMA World Congress, May 2015

This event report discusses how The New Yorker, the magazine owned by Condé Nast, boosted online readership and subscriptions by changing its approach to paywalls.

Rajat Mendhi, Warc Prize for Social Strategy, Entrant, 2015

This case study explains how Gillette, the shaving brand, encouraged Indian men to shave by highlighting research that suggested a majority of women thought unshaven men were not clean.

Edith Smit, Sophie Boerman and Lex van Meurs, Journal of Advertising Research, Vol. 55, No. 2, 2015
Many previous studies on attention have ignored the eye-catching potential of 'direct context'—the entire promotional and editorial content an observer can view at the same time—in print media. In the current study, characteristics of 183 magazine advertisements and their direct context were coded systematically and linked to eye-tracking data, producing more than 19,000 observations.

Effie Worldwide, Bronze, North America Effies 2015

This case study explains how Fleetmatics, a GPS vehicle tracking software, adjusted its message for small businesses in the US, cutting the jargon and bringing in a straight-talking brand character.

Andrew Lazenby, Warc Exclusive, Customer Acquisition, May 2015
This article explains how to use press (including magazines) in customer acquisition.

Geoffrey Precourt, Event Reports, BAA Link Brand Activation Showcase, April 2015

This event report addresses how MilkPEP built brand equity for chocolate milk as a recovery drink, thus tapping a new usage occasion for a product long regarded as a treat for kids.

Colleen P. Kirk, Larry Chiagouris, Vishal Lala and Jennifer D. E. Thomas, Journal of Advertising Research, Vol. 55, No. 1, 2015
The advertising industry has devoted substantial managerial focus on digital information and entertainment. Scholarly attention, however, has lagged.

Warc Exclusive, February 2015

This article provides marketers with information and guidance on several major media channels.

Design Business Association, Bronze, Design Effectiveness Awards, 2015

This case study describes how Merchant Cash Express (MCE), the market leader of business cash advances for small businesses in the UK, redefined its brand to set itself apart from the bad press of the competition.



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