Magazine Effectiveness

Information and insights on using magazines as a marketing channel

Magazine Effectiveness

Kim Lam, Florence Wong, Yvonne Lau and Nick Hui, Warc Prize for Social Strategy, Entrant, 2014
This case study shows how Nestle partnered with a popular boy band to cast confectionery brand FRUTIPS in a fresh light in Hong Kong. It targeted 15-24 year olds through fun, humorous experiences and content that were shared through social media.

Will Nichols, Hristos Varouhas and Candice Juniper, Warc Prize for Social Strategy, Entrant, 2014
This case study describes a campaign by Tourism New Zealand, the government funded organisation, to encourage gay Australians to consider the country as a wedding destination. The campaign started on the day New Zealand legalised same-sex marriage with the posting of a new logo on the organisation's Facebook page.

Murray Streets and Fee McLeod, Warc Prize for Social Strategy, Gold, 2014
This case study describes a social media campaign by ASB Bank, a New Zealand bank, which created a loan offer powered by Facebook Likes. Every week for four weeks a winner received a loan offer based on the number of Likes received through a Facebook app.

Walt Barron and Swapnil Patel, Warc Prize for Social Strategy, Gold and Special Award for Social Business, 2014
This case study demonstrates how Mizuno, a running shoe brand in the US, with a limited media budget, set out to convince runners to give their running shoes a chance. This category experiences high brand loyalty, making it difficult to increase market share.

Bernard Cools, Véronique Couvreur, Geert Van Boxem and Jan Drijvers, Admap, March 2014
This article explains a study that attempted to judge the quality of engagement with ads across different media channels. Three dimensions are used to measure media engagement: behaviour, relationship and experience, along with five KPIs.

Design Business Association, Bronze, Design Effectiveness Awards 2014
This case study describes an internal communications and advertising campaign by GL Noble Denton (GLND), a technical advisor to the oil and gas industry, which sought to increase morale and retention rates amongst employees and showcase expertise to clients. Research had found that employees felt undervalued, and so this internal email campaign invited nominations from staff, who were then selected to feature in ads in trade publications.

Direct Marketing Association - UK, DMA Awards, Silver, 2013
This case study describes how Kern & Sohn, the weighing scales manufacturer, brought its successful gnome experiment campaign to a close with stories reviewing the gnome's journey. In 2012 a gnome and a precision scale was sent on a global journey, with customers and scientists playing a key role in weighing, photographing and sending on the gnome.

Direct Marketing Association - UK, DMA Awards, Bronze, 2013
This case study describes a campaign by Lloyd's Pharmacy in the UK which used direct mail, TV ads and PR to promote services which help heart health. TV ads and direct mail targeted at people who had previously used the company's services invited people to take tests, promoted offers and gave information on managing conditions.

Hojoon Choi, Kyunga Yoo, Tae Hyun Baek, Leonard N. Reid and Wendy Macias, International Journal of Advertising, Vol. 32, No. 4, 2013
A multi-method study was conducted to, first, establish the prevalence of types of health- and nutrition-related (HNR) claims (nutrient content, structure/function and health claims) with benefit-seeking and risk-avoidance appeals in food advertisements appearing in magazines with large female audiences and, second, determine the effects of the two HNR-paired appeal types on females’ evaluative judgements of food advertisements. Analysis of 633 food advertisements from eight women-orientated magazines found a substantial use of risk-avoidance appeals in food advertising, primarily in association with nutrient content claims.



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