Long-Term Impact

Marketing that works over the long term

Long-Term Impact

Charles Young and Adam Page, Journal of Advertising Research, Vol. 54, No. 4, 2014
The current research used McDonald's data to explore the relationship between advertising quality and sales growth. Based on a 6.5-year dataset involving more than 180,000 consumer interviews, the researchers found that nearly half of McDonald's sales growth could be explained by variables related to advertising quality.

MRS Awards, Winner, December 2014

This article explains how Virgin Atlantic, the airline, uses a customer engagement programme to understand how people experience its service and make improvements.

Leslie Wood, Dave Poltrack and Jeff Doud, Warc Prize for Innovation, Entrant, Warc Prize for Innovation, 2014

The case study describes how Kellogg's and four other brands studied how advertisers can understand the long-term effect of advertising to create long-term sales and brand equity.

Les Binet and Sarah Carter, Admap, December 2014

This article discusses the common problem of defining competitors too tightly, losing sight of the broader market and adopting closely targeted advertising that eventually leads to loss of market share.

Rong Huang and Emine Sarigöllü, International Journal of Market Research, Vol. 56, No. 6, 2014
Although several brand equity measures have been proposed in the literature, a comparative assessment of their characteristics and performances is lacking. This paper attempts to fill that gap.

David Edwards and Ollie Gilmore, Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, Gold, IPA Effectiveness Awards, 2014

This case study explains how Mercedes, the car manufacturer, changed its image as staid and conservative to become the fastest-growing car brand in the UK prestige sector.

Toby Harrison, Les Binet and Sarah Carter, Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, Gold and Grand Prix, IPA Effectiveness Awards, 2014

This case study demonstrates how Foster's, the Australian lager brand, revitalised its brand in the UK by reassessing men's attitudes towards social drinking and regained its market leader position.

David Edwards, Warc Prize for Social Strategy, Gold and Special Award for Channel Strategy, 2014

This case study describes how Mercedes-Benz monetised social engagement when real and virtual worlds converged in 'YouDrive'; the world's first interactive driving experience conducted through a television commercial in the UK.

Cannes Creative Lions, Creative Effectiveness Lions, 2013
This campaign for Cancer Research UK, a charity, aimed to change minds about the need for plain cigarette packaging - reducing tobacco branding in order to reduce product appeal. The main aim was to gain 55,000 signatures for a petition lobbying the government for the change.



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