Integrated Campaigns

Developing multi-channel campaigns

Integrated Campaigns

Randall Beard and Chris Louie, Nielsen, May 2014

This report looks at the power of cross-platform advertising, proving that a well-measured integrated campaign can deliver 8 per cent greater reach or significantly higher frequency without any additional expenditure.

Joseph Clift, Event Reports, IAB Engage, October 2014

This event report explains how John Lewis, the UK department store chain, approaches innovation and digital across marketing and shopper experience.

Jerry G. Kliatchko and Don E. Schultz, International Journal of Advertising, Vol. 33, No. 2, 2014
This article examines the understanding and practice of integrated marketing communications (IMC) in organisations since its inception 20 years ago. It analyses a survey conducted among chief executive officers (CEOs) of marketing communications agencies, chief marketing officers (CMOs) of client companies, and other senior leaders of the industry in the Asia-Pacific region.

David Tiltman, Warc Trends, February 2014
This article, taken from the Warc Toolkit 2014, examines new thinking on how channels can work together. Research projects into social media have struggled to isolate its impact.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, In-House Agency Masters, October 2013
This event report discusses how the in-house agency for Metro, the operator of the Los Angeles public transport system, aimed to convince the area’s famously car-loving residents to switch to the bus or train. Doing so would require making these – often less convenient – options look “cool” in the eyes of consumers.

Robin Bonn, Market Leader, Quarter 1, 2014
This article discusses the relationship between paid and owned media, arguing that they complement each other. Research found that consumers are more likely to be looking for entertaining than informative content, and that they do not mind how they reach that content.

John Davidson, Event Reports, dmexco, September 2013
This event report assesses Procter & Gamble's approach to digital marketing. It begins from the premise that this concept is, in fact, almost dead as marketers commonly understand it.

Jane Asscher, Market Leader, Quarter 2, 2013
As the distinction between 'above the line' and 'below the line' becomes increasingly less distinct, Jane Asscher champions brand response activities that combine both, citing the power of 'doing' combined with 'thinking' and 'feeling', and applying William James' 'as if' principle to behavioural psychology. 'The 'As if' principle argues that 'doing' precedes 'feeling' and 'thinking' and behaving 'As if' induces the relevant feeling: an action instigated with conscious attention, can evoke an emotion that has no sense of voluntary control. This self-reinforcing feedback loop can make existing users more favourable to their usual brand.

Jessica Letizia, ARF - Knowledge at Hand, February 2013
This summary from the Advertising Research Foundation offers an overview of recent research and debate related to the topic of sports sponsorship in the USA. This includes industry outlook, where sports and entertainment sponsorship grows at a faster rate than other types of partnerships.



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