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Warc News, 21 November 2014
NEW DELHI: India's ecommerce boom shows no signs of abating, according to a new report, despite many consumers expressing unhappiness with their online shopping experience. Google India's study of online shopping growth was based on a survey of 6,859.

Shefali Nath Gupta, Sushma Panchawati and Kamna Sharma, ESOMAR, Qualitative, November 2014

This paper proposes a new research method - stockography - which takes material such as photographs that people have taken to document their lives, and compares it to the past to understand change in society, culture and people.

Shobha Prasad, ESOMAR, Qualitative, November 2014

This paper examines the 'change-constancy conflict', whereby loyal customers want brands to both change and stay the same, and suggests that brands belong to either 'anchor' or 'change' categories, with different amounts of change tolerated or demanded.

Runa Gupta, Vartika Hali and Vishal Sampat, ESOMAR, Qualitative, November 2014

This paper describes the development of a sensory research method that used visually impaired people as research participants rather than costly sensory-trained panels, in the skincare category.

Warc News, 18 November 2014
NEW DELHI: Consumer confidence in India has grown in the wake of the election of a new government earlier this year, and while opinions are divided on what that means for the luxury sector, there is a greater consensus on the importance of small busi.

Warc News, 14 November 2014
MUMBAI: Lesser known brands have led the charge into India's new range of sporting leagues, but early success means they could be pushed aside by larger brands seeking to exploit a proven channel. The commercial triumph of India Premier League cricke.

Warc News, 11 November 2014
NEW DELHI: India's ecommerce businesses have focused too much on marketing and customer acquisition and not enough on the nuts and bolts of delivering goods, industry observers have claimed. Their comments came in the wake of the recent "Diwali debac.

Geoffrey Precourt, Event Reports, 4A's Strategy Festival, October 2014

This event report reveals how British Airways, the air carrier, discovered a revenue-generating opportunity through the intelligent use of analytics - winning a Grand Prix for the Jay Chiat Awards for Strategic Excellence as a result.

Amitava Chattopadhyay, Warc Exclusive, Warc Webinars, November 2014

This presentation accompanies the Warc Webinar, Insights into market entry strategies into India, which explains how to best overcome the challenges posed by this large and diverse population.



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