In-store Marketing

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In-store Marketing

Stephen Whiteside, Warc Trends, April 2014
This article looks at iBeacon, a piece of technology that allows every device powered by Apple's latest iOS 7 operating system to transmit and receive unique signals via Bluetooth, across a distance spanning up to 150 feet. Brands and retailers now have the opportunity to use 'beacons' to send out signals from stores, stadiums and similar locations to trigger an appropriate device to distribute a coupon or a targeted ad.

Scott Young, Market Leader, Quarter 2, 2014
This article discusses shopper marketing and reveals some of the patterns in findings of eye-tracking research across categories, countries and retail channels. Findings include that much shopper marketing investment is wasted due to poor placement; packaging has a more rational impact and point of sale (POS) material can be more emotional or attention grabbing; and POS material should facilitate shopping as that which gets in the way will be avoided.

Design Business Association, Silver, Design Effectiveness Awards 2014
This case study describes how Badger, a premium beer brand in the UK, refreshed its brand identity in order to increase brand awareness and sales. The old packaging made individual products prime, with little suggestion of a further brand portfolio.

Design Business Association, Bronze, Design Effectiveness Awards 2014
This case study describes how a new store design for Oxfam, the international anti-poverty charity, connected UK customers to the work Oxfam does and in doing so, grew sales. Oxfam's brand proposition is focused on inviting everyone to help build a world free from the injustice of poverty, which it does partly through over 700 charity stores.

Design Business Association, Bronze, Design Effectiveness Awards 2014
This case study describes how Asian Paints, an Indian chemicals company, used the design of new retail stores to develop a positioning as a consumer brand. The company had previously focused on industrial business and so needed to convince consumers the brand was a good choice.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, NRF Big Show, January 2014
This event report discusses how IBM, the technology giant, Fluid, the digital shopping consultancy, and The North Face, the outdoor apparel chain, have attempted to give ecommerce a more human touch. To do so, they are using some of the most advanced technology currently available – IBM's Watson, the cognitive computing system which previously beat human competitors on the game show Jeopardy! By using this platform, retail consultancy Fluid transformed the into an interactive experience that replicated the kind of customer service provided in physical stores.

Lloyd Burdett and Steve Mader, Market Leader, Quarter 1, 2014
This article discusses changing consumer behaviours in light of technological advancements and difficult economic circumstances, proposing eight rules or norms for the new shopping environment. Mobile technology has led to 'everywhere-commerce' as people browse and shop on the go.

Low Lai Chow, Event Reports, POPAI Asia Conference, November 2013
This event report discusses how consumers make decisions in retail stores. Duracell, Procter & Gamble's battery brand, has found that over 80% of purchases are unplanned, meaning it needs to get "in the face" of shoppers, show them what they can buy, and at what price.

Low Lai Chow, Event Reports, POPAI Asia Conference, November 2013
This event report addresses how two leading Asian retailers are trying to serve the next generation of customers. On its part, Seiyu, the Japanese supermarket chain owned by Walmart, has adapted its ideal store format to reflect "shopper missions" - such as replenishing products, preparing dinner and engaging in a "pleasure hunt".



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