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MMA Smarties, Gold, 2015

This case study shows how Audi, a car manufacturer, created a direct mailing that used Bluetooth technology to create a mobile experience for its new Audi TT model.

Warc News, 21 September 2015
COLOGNE/MOUNTAIN VIEW: Viewability and adblocking continue to be pressing themes for advertisers, with Facebook introducing 100% in-view ads and adblocking apps already among the top paid apps bought through Apple's App store. The new option being of.

Warc News, 17 September 2015
COLOGNE: Online programmatic video revenues in Europe jumped from €22m in 2012 to €375m in 2015 and programmatic is expected to account for more than half of all online video advertising revenue by 2020, a new report has stated. According to IHS, the.

Felix Zoellner and Tobias Schaefers, Journal of Advertising Research, Vol. 55, No. 3, 2015
Although various types of price promotion are used to increase sales, they negatively may affect consumers' perceptions of a premium-product brand. The authors of this study believe their work advances the limited research in this area by distinguishing between direct- versus indirect-price reduction and marketers' use of a "precondition"—i.e., promotions offering free gifts, trade-in incentives, or loyalty-program benefits.

Philipp Schwartz, Warc Prize for Connection Strategy, Shortlisted, 2015

This case study describes how EXIT Deutschalnd, an initiative to fight right-wing extremism in Germany, tackled neo-Nazis in the small town of Wunsiedel, and raised awareness and donations.

Warc News, 14 September 2015
DUSSELDORF: The number of "heavy users" of the mobile web in Germany has grown six-fold over the past five years to 24m, according to research. Market researcher Nordlight Research polled 1,000 German consumers aged over 16 for its Mobile Internet Us.

Warc News, 26 August 2015
BERLIN: The great majority of German social media users avoid posting personal information on social media, while one third never comment on products or services a survey has said.Bitkom polled 1,013 internet users over the age of 14 years, includi.

Warc News, 19 August 2015
BERLIN: A majority of German internet users have seen native advertising with most not concerned about the distinction between “church and state" as long as they find the content interesting and useful. Digital marketing firm ForwardAdGroup interview.

Cannes Creative Lions, Bronze, Creative Effectiveness Lions, 2015

This case study describes how in Germany Daimler AG stimulated interest in an ageing model of smart car boosting sales by highlighting its shortcomings.



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