Data Strategy

Using Big Data in marketing

Data Strategy

Neil Dawson, Admap, October 2014

This article provides five brand principles for success in a "post-privacy era", arguing that a new competitive battleground is emerging for brands that can balance the effective use of data with the need to behave ethically, respect privacy and sustain positive consumer relationships.

Vanella Jackson, Admap, October 2014

This article challenges the growing dominance of Big Data in describing and predicting customer behaviour, when creative approaches to research can help uncover why consumers behave like they do.

Scott Symonds, Admap, October 2014

This article argues that data will become the primary currency of future marketing strategy and that marketers should deploy data to create seamless brand experiences that function across all delivery channels.

Justin Sampson, Market Leader, Quarter 4, 2014

This article identifies some of the drawbacks of big data, arguing that it should actually be called 'device-based data' and that hybrid approaches are the best way forward.

Rachel Kennedy, John Scriven and Magda Nenycz-Thiel, International Journal of Market Research, Vol. 56, No. 5, 2014
Big data is here for some and coming for many. It promises access to new knowledge along with some challenges, but let’s not forget the important lessons of the past to ensure that we are advancing knowledge and making the right decisions from the data we have.

Patricia Flores and Stéphane Gautron, ESOMAR, Congress, Nice, September 2014

This paper reveals a new market research model in the FMCG retail sector in France, where data collection of FMCG new product launches was embedded in an ecosystem involving consumers, brands and the supermarket retailer, Carrefour.

Darren Fleetwood, ESOMAR, Congress, Nice, September 2014

This paper explains how 'open data' - data which is free to use, reuse and distribute - can be used in location planning for retail, using a case study from Oxfam, the UK charity.

Thomas Kelly and Christian Kugel, ESOMAR, Best Paper Overall, Congress, Nice, September 2014

This paper sets out how 'configurable insights' - a customisable data visualisation tool - allows people who aren't from a market research background to present and use data.

WPP Atticus Awards, Highly Commended, Corporate, 2013

This article examines how brands can help consumers make use of personal data to manage their health and wellbeing.



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