Data Strategy

Using Big Data in marketing

Data Strategy

Daniel L Jaffe, ANA Magazine, Spring, 2014

This article discusses concerns about data privacy in the US and the merits of self-regulation versus state legislation.

Jerome Shimizu, Brett Gordon and Keith Kohrs, ARF Experiential Learning, Audience Measurement 9.0, June 2014

This paper argues that as a result of big data researchers should reconsider how they measure confidence intervals, and move from a calculation based on an infinite population size to one of 'Finite Population Correction' (FPC).

Joseph Clift, Event Reports, Cannes Lions, June 2014

This report summarises a presentation from creative agency Iris Worldwide at the 2014 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, discussing how planners can use data in smart ways.

Warc Exclusive, May 2014
This article provides marketers with information and guidance on researching consumers. Key themes include finding insight; using consumer insight; using pre-testing; testing creative in market; and finding the consumer in Big Data.

Rob Valsler and Sally Wu, ESOMAR, Asia Pacific, Jakarta, May 2014
This paper describes findings from a BBC Global News research study which examined the use of mobile devices for news consumption amongst affluent consumers globally. The results reveal the increasing importance of smartphones and demonstrate the extent to which mobile devices are integrated into the affluents' personal and business lives, as improved technology enables greater engagement with content.

John Dick , ARF Experiential Learning, Re:Think Conference, 2014

This paper discusses the effectiveness of consumer research which focusses on known users or intended consumers, arguing that this approach is suboptimal.

Katrina Lerman, ARF Experiential Learning, Re:Think Conference, 2014

This paper discusses the importance of giving consumers control and respecting their privacy when using Big Data.

Steve Wilcox, Warc Best Practice, April 2014
This article provides guidance on best practice when dealing with data integration. There is growing demand for data integration as the range of media channels continues to grow and fragment.

Shintaro Okazaki, Ana M. Díaz-Martín, Mercedes Rozano and Héctor D. Menéndez-Benito, International Journal of Market Research, Vol. 56, No. 4, 2014
This paper presents a methodological framework for using opinion mining to analyse comments on social networking sites. A series of procedural recommendations is described and compared with the content analysis method.



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