Data Strategy

Using Big Data in marketing

Data Strategy

Dirk Huisman and Robin de Rooij, ESOMAR, Asia Pacific, Singapore, May 2015

This paper sets out five converging trends that researchers need to address over the five years to 2020 if the customer insight function is to survive within client organisations.

Henry Cheang and Stephen Paton, ESOMAR, Asia Pacific, Singapore, May 2015

This paper presents a new text analytics tool designed to help analyse big data and gain insights into customer opinions from unstructured data such as social media chatter.

Manfred Mareck, Event Reports, Esomar Asia Pacific, May 2015

This event report summarises the presentations and papers from ESOMAR's Asia Pacific conference 2015, which covered a broad range of market research themes and conclusions.

Chris Riquier and Matthew Smith, ESOMAR, Asia Pacific, Singapore, May 2015

This paper outlines the threat of 'big data' and the 'internet of things' to traditional market research, why the industry is failing to adapt, and what it needs to do to change.

Daniela Chammas Daud Malouf, Fabio Albiero Faria and Hilaine Yacooub, ESOMAR, Latin America, April 2015

This paper details research into how women in Brazil use smartphones, focussing on the similarties and differences between consumers at each end of the socio-economic scale.

André Oliveira, ESOMAR, Latin America, April 2015

This paper investigates consumption motivations in Brazil, and argues that differences between socio-economic classes has become less marked, making segmentation along these lines ineffective for marketers.

Les Binet and Sarah Carter, Admap, May 2015

This article warns of the dangers of focussing on granular data, as short-term fluctuations say little for brand building.

Magnus Fitchett, Admap, May 2015

This article argues that advertisers need to make better use of data and technology to deliver content to people in the right context and build personal connections.

GfK, April 2015

This report explores how big data can be used by broadcasters to improve their services, building on the views of key decision makers from 14 major media groups.



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