Insights on co-creation and crowdsourcing


Eric Singler, Françoise Waintrop, Richard Bordenave and Etienne Bressoud, ESOMAR, Best Case History, Congress, Nice, September 2014

This paper demonstrates how the French government used "nudging" to promote the use of digital tax administration and proposes guidelines on the best use of nudge design for optimal ROI.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, Northside Festival, June 2014

This event report explains how Shutterstock, a stock image and video platform with more than 60,000 contributors, is feeding marketers' burgeoning demand for content.

Vivek Banerji, Takashi Takenoshita and Melissa Dagless, ESOMAR, Congress, Nice, September 2014

This paper illustrates how customer insights helped Shionogi, a Japanese pharma company, launch a new drug in the women's health category in Europe.

Marlene Cohen, Nick Graham, Jayne Hickey, Elaine Ho, Tom Lilley and Jacky Parsons, ESOMAR, Congress, Nice, September 2014

This paper argues that people with more interesting and unusual experiences, attitudes and backgrounds – 'extreme consumers' – can unlock insights that transform the work of marketing and innovation teams.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, Direct Marketing Association Webinar, August 2014

This event report discusses how LEGO, the toy brand, is embracing the growing number of digital platforms on offer while keeping plastic bricks at the heart of its business.

Eugene Catanzariti, The Communications Council, Bronze, Australian Effie Awards, 2014

This case study describes how AAMI, the Australian insurer, promoted its car insurance product over several years using emotion and storytelling in its strategy.

Joseph Smeaton, The Communications Council, Bronze, Australian Effie Awards, 2014

This case study explains how the National Art School (NAS) in Australia used social media to promote an art event, and improve perceptions of its approach to teaching and place in the community.

Joseph Smeaton, The Communications Council, Silver, Australian Effie Awards, 2014

This Australian case study describes how OPSM, the eyecare company, responded to the growth of a competitor by accessing a stream of un-tapped customers with a mobile app.

Case Studies on Warc, Warc 100, 2014

With this campaign, the Australian army challenged medical students to diagnose real-life injuries and ailments displayed on posters and billboards that linked to an augmented reality app.




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