Channel Planning

Putting together a media strategy

Channel Planning

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, The Keller Fay Group webinar, July 2014

This article explains how AT&T, the US telecoms corporation, used marketing-mix modelling to determine the value of word of mouth (WOM) to the brand and describes the strategies used to maximise its effectiveness.

Andrew Lipsman and Joan FitzGerald, ARF Experiential Learning, Audience Measurement 9.0, June 2014

This article provides guidance for adopting a 'total video' approach to media planning, that moves beyond television planning to a consumer-centric model that encompasses video consumption across multiple platforms.

Doug Pulick and Ken Roberts, ARF Experiential Learning, Audience Measurement 9.0, June 2014

This paper presents comparative research on the implicit emotional impact of ads when viewed in a cinema versus at home in the US and Australia, finding that ads viewed in a cinema have a greater emotional impact.

Brian Carruthers, Event Reports, Marketing Week Live, June 2014

This event report examines the different approaches of confectionery brands Cadbury Creme Egg, owned by Mondelez, and Mars' Snickers and Malteasers brand to increasing reach through social media.

Grant McCracken, Market Leader, Quarter 3, 2014

This article discusses the rise of 'new media fundamentalism' against a backdrop of a TV 'revolution', and argues for balance in the new and old media mix.

Warc Exclusive, May 2014
This articles provides marketers with information and guidance on integrating media. Key themes include the evolution of integration; models of integration; paid, owned and earned media; working with agencies; and understanding media consumption.

Warc Exclusive, May 2014
This article provides marketers with information and guidance on several major media channels. These include television, digital, print, radio, out of home and cinema are analysed.

Sweta Agrawal and Aarti Bharadwaj, ESOMAR, Asia Pacific, Jakarta, May 2014
This paper develops a framework for measuring the effectiveness of digital and social advertising in Asia. Traditional offline media is often preferred by Asian brands, partly due to established measurement metrics.

Andrea Sophocleous, Event Reports, Australian Broadcasting Digital Media Summit, February 2014
This event report discusses how digital platforms such as video-on-demand services and social media today often serve as companions to television viewing, rather than replacing it, as many observers had originally predicted. Despite the rise of habits like multi-screening and catch-up platforms, it is clear that live, linear television retains its appeal.



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