Channel Planning

Insights on putting together a media strategy across channels

Channel Planning

Andrea Sophocleous, Event Reports, Australian Broadcasting Digital Media Summit, February 2014
This event report discusses how TV viewers are turning into "superheroes" - and how brands can best serve their needs. In a digitally-connected world, members of the television audience are no longer constrained by the previous restrictions imposed by broadcasters, and are thus free to behave as they wish when it comes to consuming content. While this poses challenges to networks, it also enables them - and the advertisers buying airtime both online and in linear programming - to gain a clearer understanding of the people watching certain shows.

Andrea Sophocleous, Event Reports, Australian Broadcasting Digital Media Summit, February 2014
This event report discusses how Diageo and Suzuki are developing their advertising strategies in Australia, with a particular focus on television. The advent of "event TV" - based around high-quality programming content that has become appointment viewing - has encouraged a renaissance of this channel in the recent past.

Andrea Sophocleous, Event Reports, Australian Broadcasting Digital Media Summit, February 2014
This event report discusses how digital platforms such as video-on-demand services and social media toady often serve as companions to television viewing, rather than replacing it, as many observers had originally predicted. Despite the rise of habits like multi-screening and catch-up platforms, it is clear that live, linear television retains its appeal.

David Tiltman, Warc Trends, February 2014
This article, taken from the Warc Toolkit 2014, examines new thinking on how channels can work together. Research projects into social media have struggled to isolate its impact.

Chris Sloane and Sam Fellows, Admap, February 2014
This article describes the role of econometrics in determining which media channels are best to invest advertising, in order to gain the best short and long term results. The best channel is determined by a range of factors pulled from historical data and correlation, with these factors changing according to the priority of the campaign.

David Tiltman, Warc Exclusive, January 2014
This article discusses how Qoros, a new entrant into China's highly-competitive auto sector, and its agency BBH are attempting to build cars tailored specifically for the '80s generation'. In order to connect with this well-informed and digitally-savvy audience, Qoros is putting quality first - something that has not always been a given on the part of Chinese auto marques.

Michel Laroche, Isar Kiani, Nectarios Economakis and Marie-Odile Richard, Journal of Advertising Research, Vol. 53, No. 4, 2013
Amid the plethora of research on advertising effectiveness, the authors of the current study believe consumers' online search behavior, subsequent to exposure to traditional advertising messages, has been understudied. Using data from a major telecommunication company, this study's findings support the influence of employing multiple channels, advertising expenditures, and television and online advertising on consumers' tendency to follow through with their own online investigations.

Audrey Steele, Devra Jacobs, Caleb Siefert, Randall Rule, Brian Levine and Carl D. Marci, Journal of Advertising Research, Vol. 53, No. 4, 2013
The proliferation of media platforms raises questions among marketers about their relative value. This study tests a neuroscience-informed model of immersive-versus-flexible audience engagement and demonstrates television's heightened ability to sustain nonconscious emotional response over online viewing.

David Tiltman, Warc Trends, November 2013
The Asia Strategy Report explores the smartest thinking in marketing across Asia. The report demonstrates how smart strategy can unlock brand growth, global brands are rethinking their strategy to gain greater cultural relevance in the region, locally owned brands, particularly in India, are raising their game and social media is now the most-used channel in the region.



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