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Celebrity Branding


NSPCC: Pants
Case Studies on Warc, 2015

This campaign aimed to many children safe from a threat that often goes unspoken by introducing and promoting the ‘Underwear Rule’.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, South by Southwest, March 2015

This event report demonstrates how Office Depot has utilised augmented reality to differentiate itself during the back-to-school season, an intensely competitive period on the retail calendar.

Lena Roland, Event Reports, Digital Convergence, February 2015

This event report looks at how sports brand Adidas has evolved its marketing strategy to maintain its relevance with successive generations.

Geoffrey Precourt, Event Reports, ANA Brand Masters, February 2015

This event report charts the rise to prominence of Vita Coco, a coconut-water drink that was launched in 2004 and helped create a new category.

Case Studies on Warc, 2015

This campaign, aimed at increasing organ donations in Brazil, used a stunt involving a billionaire, a US$500,000 car and a lot of social media outrage.

Institute of Communication Agencies, Bronze, Canadian Advertising Success Stories, 2015

This case study explains how Kraft Dinner, the Canadian macaroni cheese brand, increased sales by expanding its appeal.

Institute of Communication Agencies, Silver, Canadian Advertising Success Stories, 2015

This case study demonstrates how Quebec Pork Producers rekindled local interest in its meat in Quebec, Canada, by highlighting its versatility.

Joseph Smeaton and Jason Lonsdale, Account Planning Group - (Australia), Best presentation, Creative Strategy Awards 2014

With this campaign, OPSM tackled the important issue of children's vision by taking the optometrist's room into the homes of Australian families, creating a storybook that can determine if a child has an issue with his or her vision.

Sarah McDonald and Karl Bates, Account Planning Group - (Australia), Finalist, Creative Strategy Awards 2014

This case study explains how Universities Australia, an organisation representing universities, used a social and digital campaign to build support for its federal funding.



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