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CRM & Retention

Patrick Barwise and Seán Meehan, Market Leader, Quarter 1, 2015

This article describes how a power supply business used the Net Promoter Score metric to drive customer focus throughout the company and consolidate its global market leadership, resulting in greatly improved customer satisfaction, sales and profits.

Giles Hedger, Admap, January 2015

This article argues that instead of addressing 'brand loyalty' as a separate marketing objective, it should be considered the natural consequence of good brand building.

Rachel Barek, Admap, January 2015

This article argues that to win the loyalty of millennial consumers, brands should deliver exceptional products and services that are relevant, personalised and adaptable.

Adam Sweeney, Admap, January 2015

This article argues that to create brand loyalty, reinteraction is more important than repurchase, with, 'microinteractions' helping to build habitual use of a brand.

Tim Pritchard and Simon Wood, Admap, January 2015

This article examines loyalty in mobile phones, looking at how handset, operating system (OS) and network each command loyalty which is both separate and interacts with the others.

Jim Prior, Admap, January 2015

This article argues that brand loyalty is a consequence of a strong brand, and sets out six core principles to consider when building a brand.

Omaid Hiwaizi and Dan White , Admap, January 2015

This article argues that brands should aim for deeper brand experiences and audience engagement as this is a more effective way of building a brand, and sets out a measure to compare different types of brand activity.

Anita Black, Admap, January 2015

This article argues that building brand loyalty is still possible, though it is more difficult as people have more choices and shop across a repertoire of brands.

Toni Keskinen, Admap, January 2015

This article sets out six key considerations for attaining brand loyalty in a digital marketplace, as not all behaviour that appears to be loyal actually is.



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