CRM & Retention

Loyalty marketing and customer service

CRM & Retention

Andrea Sophocleous, Event Reports, ad:tech Sydney, March 2015

This event report considers how a focus on customer experience can drive advocacy and sales.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, South by Southwest, March 2015

This event report outlines how storyboards have helped shape Airbnb's core brand mission, as well as assisting in its day-to-day projects.

ARF Ogilvy Awards, Gold, Appliances, electronics & technology, 2015

This case study explains how Cox Communications, a US telecommunications company, created a personalised email program to improve customer service and reduce churn.

James Murphy, Market Leader, Quarter 2, 2015

This article describes the wide-ranging potential of personalisation, from brands to services and even down to pricing.

Market Leader, Quarter 2, 2015

This article reveals how the use of mobile phones in restaurants is at the root of a perceived delay in customer service.

Nina Gilbert, Market Leader, Quarter 2, 2015

This article explains why loyalty platforms can be key to future publishing success, creating perceived value and affinity in the eyes of the customer and allowing for data capture from the part of the publisher.

J Walker Smith, Market Leader, Quarter 2, 2015

This article examines the business model of car service Uber, explaing why it is posing serious competition to established businesses across categories.

Vicki Loomes, Admap, March 2015

New technologies have created a new mindset for consumers, making them more open to engaging with peers through reviews and ratings systems.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, ANA Mobile First, December 2014

This event report explains how Starwood, the hotel company, uses a mobile app to provide a better experience for customers.



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