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Jaime Romero and Maria Jesús Yagüe, International Journal of Market Research, Vol. 57, No. 4, 2015
Brand equity and customer equity, respectively, constitute the value provided by brand and customer portfolios to companies. These are metrics of marketing performance in the long term, as well as key factors in firm valuation processes.

Andy Wood, Admap, July/August 2015

This article details research into attitudes towards loyalty schemes in the UK, and argues that people want perks and treats, not just points.

Gareth Kay, Admap, July/August 2015

This article argues that brands need to make more of an effort to provide experiences in more than one dimension.

Louise Maguire, International Journal of Market Research, Digital First, July 2015
This paper examines the methodological arguments for using 'SMS diaries' to capture the emotions experienced by consumers of services at the very moment they are being felt. The objective of the methodology was to capture the emotions that patrons experienced in real time, in a manner that gives them the freedom to express these feelings in their own words, without having to adhere to a predefined list of emotions, which could potentially be considered restrictive.

Michael Stopforth, WPP Atticus Awards, Highly Commended, Public Relations and Public Affairs, 2015

This report argues that the internet runs on CATS - conversation, authenticity, trust and sharing - and businesses need to use these principles to succeed on social media.

James Boardman, WPP Atticus Awards, Winner, Media and Communications Planning, 2015

This essay argues that the marketing industry needs to rethink what 'loyalty' means and what it can do for businesses.

Charlotte Nau and Bettina Mütze, TNS, Intelligence Applied, June 2015

This article explains how brands can use social listening to save money on consumer research, but only when they manage the mass of data properly.

Cannes Creative Lions, Entrant, Creative Effectiveness Lions, 2015

This case study describes how Nescafe set out to halt the brand's decline since 2000 and increase its appeal to a younger generation of 20-35 year olds.

Cannes Creative Lions, Entrant, Creative Effectiveness Lions, 2015

This case study describes how Russian S7 Airlines created awareness of its services.



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