Brand Launches

Launching and relaunching brands

Brand Launches

Namit Prasad, Warc Prize for Asian Strategy, Shortlisted, 2014

This case study describes how Park Avenue, a men's clothing and personal care brand, launched a beer shampoo to dominate an emerging Indian male-grooming market and tackle perceptions of grooming as being feminine.

Marcin Penconek and David Hood, ESOMAR, Congress, Nice, September 2014

Inspired by success stories from Europe and the US, this paper investigates the key underlying factors for product innovation success, aiming to discover a model for this success and the required approach.

Vivek Banerji, Takashi Takenoshita and Melissa Dagless, ESOMAR, Congress, Nice, September 2014

This paper illustrates how customer insights helped Shionogi, a Japanese pharma company, launch a new drug in the women's health category in Europe.

Lee Markowitz, Lucy Balbuena Robles, Paul Crowe and Helen Wing, ESOMAR, Congress, Nice, September 2014

This paper explores the role of marketing in the success of a new product innovation, answering the question of whether good products rise or fall only on their own merit, or whether skilful marketing can nurture a product to success.

Shekhar Deshpande and Kyle Lusk, WPP Atticus Awards, Merit, Strategy, 2013

This article demonstrates the best way of exploiting a new innovation and how to far to stretch it.

Warc Exclusive, July 2014

This article provides marketers with information and guidance on building brands.

Daniel Porath and Christian Schaefer, International Journal of Market Research, Vol. 56, No. 4, 2014
Albeit the Bass model was not designed for predicting sales of newly launched drugs, pharmaceutical companies commonly use it for this purpose, mainly because of its good predictive power. Empirical experience, however, mainly refers to mature markets and it is unclear how the model behaves in emerging markets.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, Argyle CMO Leadership Forum, June 2014

This event report reveals how Santander Bank, the Spanish financial services group, has leveraged the views of an online community of consumers and staff to help build its brand in America.

Geoffrey Precourt, Event Reports, ANA Digital & Social Media, July 2014

This event report explains how MINI, the auto marque owned by BMW, connected with its brand enthusiasts and maximised a budget smaller than many of its competitors' when launching the 2014 Cooper Hardtop.



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