Behavioural Targeting

Targeting ads based on user behaviour

Behavioural Targeting

Olivia Taylor, Market Research Society, Annual Conference, 2015

This paper explains how Innocent, the drinks company, incorporated behavioural economics into its packaging design test to launch a new product in the UK.

Crawford Hollingworth, Warc Exclusive, The Behavioural Architects, March 2015

This article demonstrates how behavioural economics (BE) is being employed to improve public and business policies.

Crawford Hollingworth, Market Leader, Quarter 2, 2015

This article explains how behavioural economics is fast becoming an established part of business, policymaking and regulation.

James Murphy, Market Leader, Quarter 2, 2015

This article describes the wide-ranging potential of personalisation, from brands to services and even down to pricing.

Brian Carruthers, Event Reports, IAB Research Breakfast, February 2015

This event report looks at the impact of programmatic buying on creativity in advertising, with AOL suggesting that the human element in programmatic is too often overlooked.

Edward Bell, Admap, March 2015

This article explains how WeChat, the Chinese instant messaging service, is treading carefully with the introduction of advertising, as its users are commercially sensitive.

James Aitken, Admap, March 2015

This article assesses the impact of programmatic buying on Black Friday 2014, finding that it increased ROI.

Nick Hirst, Admap, March 2015

This article explains the new tool 'Amazon Giveaways', which allows marketers to pre-pay for items which Amazon will then deliver to winning entrants.

Brian Carruthers, Event Reports, Econsultancy Programmatic, December 2014

This event report outlines how snack foods giant Mondelez is developing its programmatic buying to drive reach and optimise its media buying.



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