Behavioural Targeting

Targeting ads based on user behaviour

Behavioural Targeting

Peter Field, Warc Trends, October 2014

This Warc Trends Report analyses case studies that represent the best in social media strategy and draws lessons from them for other brands to follow.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, Advertising Week New York, October 2014

This event report explains how Heineken USA, the brewing group, is enhancing its knowledge and capabilities in the mobile space.

Ben Wood, Admap, October 2014

This article argues that a good amount of digital advertising is fundamentally flawed, fuelled by incorrect assumptions and a lack of focus on consumer experience, and that the science of programmatic should be combined with art to realise digital's potential.

Vanella Jackson, Admap, October 2014

This article challenges the growing dominance of Big Data in describing and predicting customer behaviour, when creative approaches to research can help uncover why consumers behave like they do.

Dr Sarah Snoxall, Kathy Oldridge and Hannah Grant, Market Leader, Quarter 4, 2014

This article sets out three types of marketers whose understanding of digital technology is hampered by their strong emotions.

Colin Strong, Market Leader, Quarter 4, 2014

This article explores the value of behavioural economics, building on learnings from the public sector and looking at how brands can use this approach.

John Clark, Market Leader, Quarter 4, 2014

This article explains how the Co-operative supermarket applied understanding about unconscious decision making to enhance the impact of its brand.

Mark Connolly, Market Leader, Quarter 4, 2014

This article argues that digital advertising needs greater transparancy as advertisers allocate more of their budget to this channel and concerns are raised about viewability and fraud.

Rory Sutherland, Market Leader, Quarter 4, 2014

This article outlines the implications of research that analysed the utility people get from a purchase, and how this translates into perceived value of a product.



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