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Warc News, 19 December 2014
NEW YORK: Internet advertising revenue in the US reached a record $12.4bn in Q3 2014, representing a year-on-year increase of 17%, according to the latest data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PwC US. The figure also marked a 6.5% qu.

Warc News, 17 December 2014
BEIJING/NEW YORK: Google dominates global spending on digital ads while Facebook has the fastest growth among the major players, but both face a growing challenge from Alibaba and Baidu, the latest estimates from eMarketer have revealed. Out of the $.

Robert E. Carter, Journal of Advertising Research, Vol. 54, No. 4, 2014
This study investigated the sales and advertising "build" curves for 15 consumer packaged-goods (CPG) categories, for both new products and established brands. Build curves reflect cumulative sales at any given time period divided by the 52-week sales.

Paul D. Berger and Bruce D. Weinberg, Journal of Advertising Research, Vol. 54, No. 4, 2014
In many advertising situations, the optimal decision - how much to spend and where to allocate the advertising budget - is not sensitive to the exact functional form used in modeling the process under study. For decades, however, researchers have taken for granted the conventional theory that the major distinction is whether the "shape" of sales, as a function of advertising, is concave - increasing, with diminishing returns - or S-shaped - convex to begin with, and after an inflection point, concave from then on.

Andrea Sophocleous, Event Reports, AANA Reset, Ocober 2014

This event report considers an argument for a new media buying strategy that moves away from the current focus on TV and paid media.

Suzy Young and James McDonald, Warc Data, December 2014

This article presents the predicted advertising expenditure across 12 key markets for 2014 and 2015.

Warc Trends, Toolkit 2015

This article, taken from the Warc Toolkit 2015, sets out the importance of combining creativity with data in programmatic to increase effectiveness.

IAB (NZ), IAB/PWC, 2014

This report provides details of the interactive advertising spend in New Zealand for Q3, 2014.

Warc News, 10 December 2014
LONDON: Global advertising spend will increase by 4.8% in 2015 according to Warc's latest International Ad Forecast which has downgraded forecasts for all countries considered except India and the UK.The total market, which covers 12 countries, has b.



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