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Adspend & Media Trends

Warc News, 31 March 2015
GLOBAL: Global advertising expenditure will grow at a slightly slower rate than expected over the next two years as the Chinese market starts to come off the boil, according to a new forecast.China is now the world's second-largest ad market, accor.

Warc Data, March 2015

This article summarises the results of the Global Marketing Index (GMI) for March 2015, when a decline in TV marketing budgets prompted concern for the medium's future.

Warc News, 26 March 2015
NEW YORK: Despite a growing tendency for US TV viewers to opt for on-demand and streaming services, Spanish-language real-time broadcasters are still attracting consumers with advertising revenues following in their wake. That is good news for Americ.

Warc News, 25 March 2015
LONDON: Global adspend is expected to grow 4.6% to $540bn this year, according to the latest forecast from media agency Carat, which also highlights that all markets are ring-fencing digital media spending. Based on data received from 59 markets acro.

Warc News, 25 March 2015
NEW YORK: Mobile adspend in the US will increase to $65.87bn by 2019, accounting for 72.2% of total digital adspend, the latest estimates from eMarketer have shown. That represents a significant trend, given that mobile accounted for about a quarter .

Warc News, 19 March 2015
NEW YORK: The biggest advertisers in the US cut their spending by more than 4% in 2014 as they moved more of their budgets into digital, new data have revealed. Full-year figures from Kantar Media, the research business, show that total advertising e.

Joseph Clift, Warc Data, WFA Global Marketer Week, March 2015

This paper describes Warc's adspend and economic forecasts for the years ahead, and tracks some major adspend trends of recent years.

Warc Data, March 2015

This article explores programmatic adspend, which totalled US$18.

Warc Data, Global Marketing Index, World Economics, February 2015

This article summarises the results of the Global Marketing Index (GMI) for February 2015, which recorded buoyant marketing activity in each region.



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