Why Participate?

The aim of the Global Marketing Index (GMI) is to provide a unique monthly indicator of the general trends within the global marketing industry.

If you currently work for a brand owner, media owner, creative or media agency – or any other organisation serving the marketing industry – then we want you to join our panel.

The monthly questionnaire is easy to complete – there are just a few questions and these can be answered intuitively and without recourse to files. It will take the average panellist less than two minutes to complete the questionnaire each month.
In return for completing the questionnaire you will receive aggregated results and analysis in a monthly report. The report will be a useful source for global market and media trend analysis and benchmarking activity in your company. Where appropriate, global marketing index panellists may be invited to expand on their views of the market for Warc publications and/or events.  

You won't need to disclose any sensitive information

You will never be asked to disclose actual numbers, only your general views on current business conditions. We want only your intuitive feelings about the state of the markets you are involved with.

We will only publish aggregated data from our panel and no individual responses will ever be disclosed.

If you would like to join the Global Marketing Index panel, please go to our registration page.

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