Seriously Social

Warc Trends: Seriously Social: Contents

Chapter 1 – The social mindset
  • At a glance: Creating the social mindset
  • Adopting a social mindset
  • Data: Barriers to a social mindset
  • Case study: American Express OPEN
  • Case study: Philadelphia
  • Case study: Hellmann’s
  • Implications: Working in a social mindset
Chapter 2 – Strategic or tactical
  • At a glance: Choosing an approach
  • Social is flexible, but strategy needs time
  • Effective tactical campaigns
  • Strategic case study: Wal-Mart
  • Strategic case study: Audi Brazil
  • Implications: Mixing strategy and tactics
Chapter 3 – Loyalty or reach?
  • At a glance: Setting the right goal
  • Choosing reach over loyalty
  • The quantity and quality of social reach
  • Case study: T-Mobile
  • Case study: Virgin Mobile
  • Case study: GRAACC
  • Implications: Focusing on quality reach
Chapter 4 – Integration or stand alone?
  • At a glance: Putting social into the mix
  • Combine social with other channels
  • Data: How social is used with other channels
  • Integrated case study: U by Kotex
  • Stand-alone social media cases
  • Implications: Social on the media schedule
Chapter 5 – Social budgets
  • At a glance: Social media trends by budget
  • Taking social seriously, including budgets
  • Data: Social media cases by budget category
  • Case <$500,000 Troy Public Library
  • Case <$1m Gillette Mach3
  • Case $1m-$5m Knorr Sidekicks
  • Case >$5m National Australia Bank
  • Implications: The right budget for the idea
Chapter 6 –Measuring social media
  • At a glance: Measuring social media
  • The need for rigour in measurement
  • Data: Digital measurement
  • Case study: Inspired by Iceland
  • Case study: Metropolitan Police
  • Implications: Measuring social rigorously
Chapter 7 – Future directions
  • At a glance: What’s next for social media campaigns?
  • Consumer insight and future technology
  • Four future trends in social communications
  • Data: Brands’ use of new platforms
  • Case study: AT&T
  • Case study: C&A
  • Implications: Adopting new social technologies
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