Toolkit 2013

Warc Trends: Toolkit 2013: Contents

Chapter 1 – Engaging the enraged
  • At a glance: Brands and the ‘enraged’
  • Responding to consumer anger
  • Consumers turn anger into activism
  • Case study: James Ready
  • Viewpoint: How to build a ‘real’ brand
  • Implications: Engaging the enraged
Chapter 2 – Strategy: The small idea
  • At a glance: Small thinking
  • An alternative to the ‘big idea’
  • Four trends driving ‘small thinking’
  • Case study: Tiger Beer
  • Viewpoint: Brands go back to products
  • Implications: Delivering small ideas
Chapter 3 – Mobile: The mobile shopper
  • At a glance: Mobile on the purchase path
  • The rise of the ‘showroomer’
  • Mobile as an information source
  • Case study: Rimi
  • Viewpoint: Making retail multichannel
  • Implications: Mobile shoppers
Chapter 4 – Media: Generation screen
  • At a glance: Multiscreening
  • Planning for multiscreen consumers
  • The rise of the ’connected consumer’
  • Digital devices enable multitasking
  • Case study: Coca-Cola
  • Viewpoint: Investing in the second screen
  • Implications: Targeting multiscreeners
Chapter 5 – Content: Strategic content
  • At a glance: Content marketing
  • Content marketing moves up a gear
  • Brands lack content strategies
  • Case study: Supersavvyme
  • Implications: Building a content strategy
Chapter 6 – Social media: The role of reach
  • At a glance: Smarter social strategies
  • Fresh thinking on social effectiveness
  • Are consumers really engaging?
  • Case study: Rom
  • Viewpoint: Predicting social success
  • Implications: Social strategy
Chapter 7 – Word-of-mouth: Creating advocates
  • At a glance: Understanding advocacy
  • New approaches to word-of-mouth
  • A deeper understanding of WOM
  • Case study: Dettol
  • Viewpoint: The pros and cons of NPS
  • Implications: Improving advocacy
Chapter 8 – Insight: Making sense of data
  • At a glance: ‘Big data’ as an insight tool
  • Sorting the signal from the noise
  • Realigning brands around data
  • Case study: Unilever CybrTrak
  • Four predictions for brands and big data
  • Implications: Data-driven insight
Chapter 9 – Targeting: The personal touch
  • At a glance: Personalised marketing
  • The best moments to use personal data
  • Brands face wary consumers
  • Case study: Coca-Cola
  • Viewpoint: A personalised experience
  • Implications: Personalised marketing
Chapter 10 – Adspend: The 2013 Outlook
  • At a glance: The forecast for advertising
  • The global adspend outlook
  • Analysis of spend by category
  • Advertising spend by media channel
  • Emerging markets hit by media inflation
  • A downturn in sentiment
  • The view from the CFO
  • Implications: Budgeting for 2013
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