Shopper Marketing

Warc Trends: Shopper Marketing: Contents

Chapter 1 - The New Path To Purchase
  • Key Insights: Path to purchase
  • The new face of shopper marketing
  • Decoding a shopper’s decisions
  • Online meets offline
  • Mobile use grows pre- and post-purchase
  • Case study: CoverGirl
  • Implications: Rethinking purchase paths
Chapter 2 – Turning Data Into Insight
  • Key Insights: Making sense of data
  • Shopper insight gives nuance to data
  • Customer data and customer service
  • Case study: McDonald’s
  • Implications: Understanding shoppers
Chapter 3 – Directing Traffic
  • Key Insights: Driving footfall to retail
  • From screens to stores
  • Case study: De Bijenkorf
  • Implications: Traffic through technology
Chapter 4 – Standing Out In Store
  • Key Insights: In-store innovation
  • Breaking through the clutter
  • Case study: Coca Cola
  • Implications: Standing out from the crowd
Chapter 5 – The Shopper Experience
  • Key Insights: Retail meets experiential
  • When actions speak louder than words
  • Six elements of great customer experience
  • Case study: Burger King
  • Implications: The shopper experience
Chapter 6 - Integration
  • Key Insights: Shopper integration
  • Start in-store, work backwards
  • Alignment springs from measurement
  • Case study: Guide Dogs Australia
  • Implications: Priorities for integration
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