Mobile Marketing

Warc Trends: Mobile Marketing: Contents

Chapter 1 - The Consumer Landscape
  • Key Insights: Consumers and mobile
  • Four consumer trends driven by mobile
  • The smartphone revolution
  • Tablets become the ‘new second screen’
Chapter 2 – New Marketing Opportunities
  • Key Insights: Mobile’s new formats
  • Rise of the pocket PC
  • Four emerging mobile-led technologies
  • Mobile adspend – the only way is up
  • M-commerce: the next opportunity?
Chapter 3 - Apps: Mobile’s Game Changer
  • Key Insights: Brands and apps
  • Apps open up mobile possibilities
  • Case study: Wyeth Gold
Chapter 4 - Mobile As A Brand –Builder
  • Key Insights: Mobile brand-building
  • Quality content builds brands
  • Mobile ads vs online ads
  • Case study: Lynx
Chapter 5 - Mobile as a loyalty tool
  • Key Insights: Mobile loyalty
  • When it’s better to give than to receive
  • Case study: Johnnie Walker
Chapter 6 - Mobile As A Sales Driver
  • Key Insights: Mobile as a sales tool
  • Mobile and the path to purchase
  • Mobile use grows pre- and post-purchase
  • Case study: Land Rover
Chapter 7 – Mobile In Emerging Markets
  • Key Insights: Mobile in emerging markets
  • Simple technology, creative ideas
  • A newly connected world
  • Case study: Vim
Chapter 8 – Mobile Channel Planning
  • Key Insights: Channel Planning
  • Getting the right balance
  • Key concerns: metrics and fragmentation
  • Mobile in a multichannel world
  • Case study: The Economist
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